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Courses and conferences of interest

On-line course on Green Wall Technology

The Green Wall Centre is putting together an on-line course on Green Wall Technology. For more details, see Short Courses below.

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International Conference 2015

Greenwich University hosted the International Green Wall Conference in 2015. The conference, entitled "Living Walls and Ecosystem Services" took place from 6th-8th July 2015.

Presentations included 2 talks and 2 posters from Staffordshire University's Green Wall Centre.
Prof. John Dover, Dr. Caroline Chiquet and Dr. Paul Mitchell: Invertebrates in green walls
Eleanor Atkins: Birds in urban hedges
Udeshika Weerakkody: Particulate pollution mitigation using living walls: an ongoing study
Dilhani de Silva: Indoor plants and living walls: air quality and rhizosphere interactions

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International Conference 2014

Meeting the Challenge of a Sustainable Urban Future: the contribution of green walls

September 4th-5th 2014

Science Centre, Staffordshire University, Leek Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2DF, UK

Convenors: Professor John Dover & Mme Caroline Chiquet

The Green Wall Centre's International Conference on Green Walls in urban areas was held in September 2014 and was very successful.
For more information see International Green Wall Conference 2014

Short Courses

The following subjects will be covered by the on-line course

What are green walls and why are they important for urban areas?
An introductory training course on green wall infrastructure:

- presenting the different categories of green walls 
- introducing the existing commercial and DIY systems
- looking at the environmental values of green walls in the urban environment
- examining the solutions provided by green walls to the major challenges faced by the urban environment
For more information about this course, when and where it will be held and other training programmes offered by the Green Wall Centre, please feel free to contact us.

How to choose the green wall adapted to my needs
This training course on green wall infrastructure is looking at the different systems and design issues in greater detail. The aim is to present an overview of the many tools and techniques needed to satisfy your green wall project objectives.

The course will focus on:
- the variety of green wall products and their performance criteria
- identifying the relevance of the different green walls elements to your design intent
- identifying the main benefits you are looking for
- ascertaining the needed costs (financial, time, staff) to reach your green wall goals
We will also look at major designs principles of a successful green wall project and discuss causes of failure.
For more information about this course and other training programmes offered by the Green Wall Centre, please feel free to contact us.

To discuss a course tailored to your specific needs and location, please contact us.

Royal Society of Biology Courses

 The Royal Society of Biology run training courses for biologists. For details see the link below:


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