Research opportunities and degrees: Arts and Creative Technologies

The faculty offers research opportunities at MPhil/PhD:

The following members of staff currently supervise MPhil and PhD projects, or would be willing to discuss research degree applications:


  • Professor Douglas Burnham: Professor of Philosophy: Kant, Nietzsche, hermeneutics, and philosophy’s relation to the arts, especially literature, fine art and wine.

  • Dr David Webb: Professor of Philosophy: Modern European Philosophy, especially phenomenology, and French epistemology and philosophy of science (Heidegger, Levinas, Foucault, Serres, Bachelard, Cavaillès).

Journalism or Politics

  • Dr Sita Bali: The politics of South Asia (particularly India, Pakistan and Afghanistan), Politics of international migration and refugee movements, Security Studies (particularly migration and security) and the 'War on Terror' and it's impact.

  • Dr Alan Russell: International Relations, International Political Economy, Technology and International Relations, and Conflict, Media and Journalism. 

  • Professor Mick Temple: Professor of Journalism and Politics: history, theory and current practice of the relationship between the political process and the media, especially the role of journalism.

  • Peter Lamb: Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations: History of Political Thought; International Relations Theory; Political Philosophy; Foreign Policy Analysis.

Social or Social/Cultural Theory

  • Dr. Rainer-Elk Anders: Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Director, Institute of Applied Creative Thinking (I-ACT): crime, security and borders.  

  • Dr. Mike Ball: Senior Lecturer in Sociology: Visual anthropology and ethnography.  


  • Dr Tony Craig: Associate Professor of History: contemporary security history of Britain and Ireland, and studies of political intelligence during both the Northern Ireland Troubles and throughout Britain’s end of empire.


  • Dr. Martin Jesinghausen: Senior Lecturer in English: Systems of modern aesthetics as strategies of social reconciliation in Victorian Britain and Europe.  

  • Dr. Lisa Mansell: Lecturer in Creative Writing: publishing poet working in the areas of linguistically/formally innovative poetics, digital poetries, and hybrid forms. Also, facilitating community writing and workshops and reminiscence projects with senior citizens.

  • Mark Brown: Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing: The works of Paul Auster, New York fiction, urban cultures, cultural geography, space and place, cultural constructions of place, cultural regeneration.

Fine Art / Design Management

  • Ian Brown: Associate Professor of Fine Art: Photographic, sculpture, performance, print, sound, web-based and other interdisciplinary artworks both as an individual artist and as part of the artist’s group, Common Culture.   

Community and Participatory Arts, Arts and Health, or Youth and Community Work

  • Peter Twilley: Senior Lecturer, Youth,Community and Regeneration: community development and faith based youth and community work.  

Contextual Studies in Design and Media

  • Dr David Heap: Design Theory, Silent Design, Design and SME Manufacturers, Auditing Design, Design Thinking.

Music and Multimedia

  • Dave Payling: Course Leader, Music Technology: audio visual composition, electronic music composition, audio mastering, Surround sound mastering and authoring, digital video production techniques and animation

  • Marc Estibeiro: Lecturer, Music:  Composition, writing music for acoustic instruments and electronics.

Current research in FACT

The following projects are currently supported by Staffordshire University Studentships:

  • The Role of Evidence in the Practice of Urban Regeneration
  • Music and Space of the City in Contemporary American Literature
  • The Role of Evidence in Commissioning Decisions in Participatory Arts and Health Work
  • An Exploration of the Experience of the Sublime through Photographic Representations of Nature
  • Faith-based Youth Work and the Common Good

Some examples of other postgraduate research projects currently being undertaken in the Faculty:

  • Ethical Possibilities in Digital Games Design
  • The Role of Divine Providence in the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant
  • Documentary Photography and the Work of Paul Ricoeur
  • A Critical and Creative Study of Gothic Fiction
  • Politics and Life in the Work of Martin Heidegger
  • Facebook as a New Public Sphere
  • The Concepts of Kenosis and Caritas in the Work of Gianni Vattimo
  • The Reconfiguration of Fetishism on the Basis of Difference
  • A European Voice in Games Design
  • The Use of Digital Puppetry and Persuasion Theory to Expose Past Hidden Situations
  • Nollywood and Models of Film Distribution
  • The Representation of Muslim Women in the British Muslim Media
  • A Phenomenology of Design Objects in Specific Environments
  • Practice-based Research on Liminality and Illusion in Painting
  • A Critical and Creative Study of Sex, Psychosis and Realist Fiction
  • Vision, Process, and Creativity in Children