PhD Studentships: Business, Education and Law

PhD and MPhil in the Faculty

The Faculty of Business, Education and Law at Staffordshire University , offers PhD and MPhil awards in Business and Management, Economics, Education and Law related fields. The PhD and MPhil develop a high level of original knowledge and understanding in a student’s chosen field of study, underpinned by cutting-edge current research, theory and practice. The Faculty currently has around 50 research students who study full-time, part-time or by blended learning. These students share and contribute to a vibrant research community that operates at the cutting-edge of knowledge. Blended learning students are required to spend between three and four months of each academic year on campus and the remaining part of the year in their home country working on their research. They are considered full-time when they are on campus in Stoke and part-time when they are in their own country. Study is by means of research under the supervision of two mentors with appropriate experience in a student’s field. Completing a PhD normally takes three years for full-time students, four years for blended learning students, and five years if studying part-time. The period of study is clearly structured with milestone targets set throughout.

The final work is assessed by the submission of a substantial thesis and an oral (viva voce) examination. The examination team consists of an External Examiner (an experienced academic from another university) and an Internal Examiner (an academic from the relevant field of study from Staffordshire University).

Entry Requirements for PhD and MPhil

  • Direct PhD – A recent Masters level qualification in the related discipline.
  • MPhil – A minimum of upper second-class degree in a related discipline. MPhil students are expected to prepare a Report after the first year of study and participate in a ‘Transfer Interview’ in order to be able to move on to the PhD programme. In most cases, PhD students are initially registered for MPhil and then transferred to PhD subject to evidence of satisfactory progress.
  • Students whose first language is not English or who have not already studied successfully in an English-speaking environment will be required to provide evidence of advanced proficiency in English (minimum recent lELTS 7 or equivalent TOEFL scores).

Business School

The Business School has around 40 PhD students. The School organises two PhD student conferences each year (one in each semester) at which PhD students present their work. Since January 1st 2008, 30 students have successfully completed PhDs in a wide variety of topics in either applied economics or management . Arising from their PhD research, our graduates have published in a wide variety of high-impact journals, have been awarded international prizes and scholarships – including three Fulbright scholarships – and have secured employment in research-related posts in universities, research institutions, central banks, government ministries and international organisations – including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.



School of Education

Academic researchers at the School of Education have expertise in a wide range of areas in Education . Staff research falls into three main groups: Social Inclusion and Social Justice; Higher Education and Lifelong Learning; and School Performance and Leadership, and we have a number of experienced supervisors to mentor doctoral projects in these areas. Since January 2008, 13 students have successfully completed PhDs on a wide range of topics . Many of our graduates are currently working in higher education institutions or in other similar organisations. The School of Education organises research symposia every year at which experienced external researchers and current PhD students present their research. The graduates are encouraged to start publishing from their research soon after the completion of their doctorates.


Law School

The Law School offers PhD and MPhil awards in a range of law related fields , although we would particularly encourage submissions in the areas of Family, Sports, Employment, Trade or Medical law. Currently, the Law School has around five active research students specialising in aspects of family law. Every year, the Law school holds a number of prestigious national conferences, most recently in the areas of industrial relations and family law. These provide excellent opportunities for students to engage with leading thinkers in the area, and research students are strongly encouraged to participate and present their research at these events.


Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA is a part-time professional doctorate, delivered by the Business School’s top professors. It is a four-year programme that requires participants to undertake robust training in management and business related research and organisation focused subjects for the first two years and culminates with each participant completing a substantial research thesis that focuses on a high-level management issue that concerns their own organisation. The programme is block delivered to meet the needs of the busy professional executive.

The award is aimed at the ‘reflective professional’ who is career-minded and looking for a systematic research programme that gives particular priority to developing management expertise based on sound theory and practice. The programme to-date has attracted people not only from local and national organisations, but also globally. Currently, the DBA has well qualified candidates from a wide range of public and private sector senior positions in finance, IT, consultancy, government, education and engineering.


Entry Requirements for DBA

  • Masters degree in Management (MBA, MA or MSc) from a UK University or an equivalent
  • Senior management experience of at least five years, pre- or post-Masters qualification.
  • Students whose first language is not English or who have not already studied successfully in an English-speaking environment will be required to provide evidence of advanced proficiency in English (minimum recent lELTS 7 or equivalent TOEFL scores).

Doctorate in Education (EdD)

This professional doctoral award in Education is aimed at a wide range of education professionals working in schools, colleges, universities and the lifelong learning sector. It is the progression route of choice for those who have completed the MA Education at Staffordshire University or another UK university. Students on the EdD conduct in-depth enquiry-based learning in their workplace, together with the critical analysis of relevant policy and theory, with a view to solving current problems and improving future policy and practice in education. Thus the award is beneficial for both educational organisations and individual education professional. By developing and enhancing education professionals’ knowledge and understanding of key education issues, as well as skills such as problem solving, critical inquiry and reflection, the EdD should therefore impact positively upon education policy and practice in the wider organisations, including enhancing the quality of learning environments and improving learners’ motivation and success.

The award is designed as a four-year programme. In the first two years there are taught modules which will help students to develop their research focus and academic skills. The final two years comprise empirical research, under the supervision of mentors with appropriate experience in a student’s field.


Entry requirements for EdD:

  • A recent Masters level qualification in the related discipline.
  • Employment in / or sustained access to a relevant educational setting.
  • Students whose first language is not English or who have not already studied successfully in an English-speaking environment will be required to provide evidence of advanced proficiency in English (minimum recent lELTS 7 or equivalent TOEFL scores).

For further information, and how to apply for PhD, MPhil, DBA and EdD

Successful entry for PhD/MPhil or DBA will be dependent on, inter alia, a proposed research area that falls within the relevant School’s research specialisations.

If you would like to discuss your interest in our doctoral programmes, please contact:

For PhD/MPhil in Business/Management and Economics:
Professor Mehtap Hisarciklilar

For DBA:
Dr Jana Fiserova

For PhD/MPhil in Education:
Professor Tehmina Basit

For PhD/MPhil in Law:
Professor Kris Lines

For EdD:
Dr Katy Vigurs

If you wish to apply – In the first instance please follow the Apply Direct link to the application form from the relevant course page listed above. Queries regarding application should be addressed to:

Jennifer Shemilt
Research Degrees Administrator
B227 Brindley Building
Leek Rd

t: +44 (0)1782 294060
f: +44 (0)1782 294103