Publications in Research informed Teaching


Linking Teaching and Research in Disciplines and Departments (2007)
Jenkins, Healey & Zetter

Institutional strategies to link teaching and research (2005)
Jenkins and Healey


Healey, M. (2005). Linking research and teaching: exploring disciplinary spaces and the role of inquiry-based learning, in Barnett, R. (ed). Reshaping the university: new relationships between research, scholarship and teaching. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill/Open University Press, pp.67-78.

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Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETLs)

CETLs, Initiatives and Projects
This page created by the HEA details CETLs, initiatives and projects focussing on linking teaching and research.

Web based tools for supporting Research informed Teaching

Assignment Survival Kit

First year students can find their first assignment at University a daunting prospect. This piece of software can help them to cope by giving them valuable insights in how to plan an assignment, search for information, critically evaluate, present and reference that information. It also helps students to plan their time and the steps they need to follow to survive and produce their first piece of assessed work.


A comprehensive guide to referencing information using the main styles used by the university.  It gives many examples to illustrate how to cite and reference information.

Values Exchange

An online tool to develop critical thinking capacity using social dilemmas. There are sample cases to try out.  Values Exchange gives tips and guidance for expressing an intelligent, thoughtful, reasoned response.

Other Research informed Teaching initiatives

UK universities have realised their research informed teaching approaches in a diverse fashion.