Sarah Higgins

Job Title and Responsibilities

I am a Technical Skills Specialist based within the Psychology department.


  • Supervising and maintaining the psychology suite of laboratories.

  • Delivering technical skills sessions within core teaching.

  • Providing specialist psychology-related support and instruction to prospective/current students and staff.

About Me

I graduated with a first class degree in Psychology from Staffordshire University in the summer of 2013 and started working as a Technical Skills Officer in the Psychology department in the November. I began work as a Technical Skills Specialist in January 2014 alongside my studies on the part-time MSc Health Psychology award, of which I completed with a distinction in 2015.


  • MSc Health Psychology (Distinction), Staffordshire University, 2015

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (First Class), Staffordshire University, 2013


Technical Skills Delivery

  • Delivery of specialist technical skills sessions to facilitate the teaching and learning of psychology related experimental disciplines.

  • Provide formal technical instruction and support to facilitate the design, acquisition, and analysis of psychology research projects.

Specialist Psychology Software and Application

  • Experiment building software (e.g. SuperLab, Eprime, SR Research Experiment Builder).

  • Data acquisition software (e.g. Qualtrics, Turning Point, Compass).

  • Programming script and use of specialist syntax code.

  • Data analysis software (e.g. Biopac, SR Research Data Viewer, SPSS).

  • Observation software (e.g. AprilAge, DartFish).

Specialist Psychology Hardware

  • Experimental inventory (e.g. Eyetrackers, Cold Pressor). 

  • Stimulus response peripherals (e.g. Cedrus response boxes, CoVAS).

  • Data communication equipment (e.g. Stim Tracker, TTL Logic, Comms Interfacing).

  • Digital observation equipment (e.g. Observation cameras, mixing desks).

  • Portable learning technologies (iPads, Turning Point). 

Medical Instrumentation

  • Biopac (multi-channel physiological recording equipment).

  • NeuroSensory Analyser (hot and cold pain stimulus).

  • Ambulatory monitors (e.g. blood pressure / activity / sleep monitors).

Research Interests

  • To continually enhance the student learning experience through the development of the psychology technical provision and the design of relevant interactive psychology based demonstrations.

  • To investigate and optimise technology for current and future student and staff research projects.

  • I have research interests within the Health Psychology discipline, with a particular focus on physical activity and healthy eating behaviours, my MSc dissertation centred on the effects of nutrition label formats on healthier dietary choices.

  • I am particularly interested in research utilising eye-tracking equipment.

Current Teaching/Technical Support

Development and Delivery of Technical Skills Sessions:

  • Devise, lead and deliver technical skills seminars to support taught academic theory within Cognitive Biological Determinates of Behaviour (Level 5).

  • Devise, lead and deliver technical skills sessions to introduce students to advanced research equipment within Research Methods (Level 4).

  • Devise, lead and deliver technical skills seminars to support taught academic theory within the MSc Health Psychology (Level 7).

  • Devise, lead and deliver technical skills seminars to support taught academic theory within Cross-Faculty disciplines.

Development and Delivery of Technical Instruction:

  • Liaise, practically assess, and support level 6 students in all technical aspects of experimental-based research projects; from design and procedure to data extraction.

  • Liaise and support staff and post graduates in their respective research.

  • Provide audio visual training and support for counselling and clinical skills sessions.

  • Provide technical resource inductions for students, researchers and staff.

  • Support, demonstrate, and promote the psychology technical provision at internal and external facing events.


Sarah Higgins
Technical Skills Specialist - Psychology
Technical Services
Staffordshire University
Science Centre
Leek Road
t: +44 (0)1782 294503