1. Where is Staffordshire?

It's roughly halfway between Manchester and Birmingham. The main city centre, Hanley, is home to some great shops and lively nightlife.

2. Where will I sleep?

You will be staying in one of our Halls of Residence. This is where those students who are not local to the university live during term-time. Males will sleep in rooms on one landing or building and females on another. You will also be sharing a landing with some of our Student Ambassadors.

3. Is food provided?

Yes, all your food will be provided. In fact you won't have to pay for anything during your stay. You will eat in our on-campus catering outlets during the day, and in the evening your meals will be provided as part social activities we have planned.  However, if you like to snack between meals, or want to buy soft drinks on our party night, you’ll need to bring along some pocket money.  If you have any special dietary requirements, just make sure we know about it before you arrive.

4. How will I get there?

The university will be arranging and paying for everyone's transport. There will be no need for you to be out of pocket to enjoy this experience! We will contact you about travel arrangements nearer the time.

5. Who else will be there?

There will be about 100 (approx) other students (the same age as you) at the summer school. These students can come from anywhere in the midlands, north west and north Wales area to take part in this residential. This will be a great experience for you if you decide to go to university as university students come from all corners of the globe. There will also be approximately 20 Student Ambassadors and two Senior Members of Staff.


6. How do I apply?

If you are interested in attending UniLife at Staffordshire University you will need to submit an application via your school or college, who need to authorise your application. For more information and the application form please visit the apply now page.