Why is Unilife so great


We've been running UniLife for a few years now and have got some great feedback from those who attended.

Here's what some of them said about their experience...

“I have really enjoyed the past 3 days. The sports and group games were fun. The party was a blast! Ambassadors are all kind and caring. Joe and Matt gave me some really good advice which I will take on board when I start university. Make it 5 days!”
“I had a good laugh and made some amazing new friends.”
“Thank you to everyone who has made these last 3 days memorable. I have made so many new friends and had a lot of fun at Uni.”
“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made this a phenomenal experience!”
“The ambassadors were all lovely and made me feel really welcomed. Definitely an experience never to forget and made loads of buddies.”
“There isn’t anything I didn’t enjoy. It was all such a good experience I can take away with me.”
“I would recommend this summer school.”
“Great events and challenges.”

What do people enjoy most about Unilife?

  • Meeting new people

  • The party

  • The food

  • Subject tasters

  • Ambassadors

  • Team building activities

  • Campus tour

  • Ice breaker activities

  • Personal statement talk

And here's what they thought of some of the subject sessions:

“Sessions were interactive and I now feel more confident.”
“Fun and practical.”
“Informative, interesting and great.”
“Really good and informative.”
“Talks were very interesting and taught me lots about the teaching style at uni.”
“The tutor was friendly and persuaded you to try things without being too pushy.”
“The lectures were really informative and opened up my mind about the course.”

If you want to see what we've done in previous UniLife events than check out these photos on facebook.