Frequently Asked Questions About Accommodation

Registering with us

Q: How do I register?

A: You can register to apply for Accommodation through our ResLife Portal.

Q: What will I need to register?

A: You'll need your 8-digit Student Number. Your student number is an 8-digit number and is usually quoted on most University correspondence. It’s sometimes called your Student ID or Student Reference Number.

Q: What's this Validation Code thing?

A: This is a quick check we do to make sure you've entered the right email address. Simply copy the code we send you into the Validation Code box the first time you log in. Please wait at least 48 hours after registering for your Validation Code to arrive. If the problem still persists, please contact us.

Q: I've registered, now what?

A: You need to make sure that you submit an application for accommodation to us. You can do this through the Applications menu and then by selecting 'Create New Application'


Q: When can I apply?

A: Applications are open now, keep an eye on our Social Media for more updates.

Q: Who can apply?

A: If you have a Student ID Number and you're a current student, you can apply for accommodation. You can also apply if you've selected Staffordshire University as either your firm or insurance choice University via UCAS.

Q: What about returning students?

A: We're currently not accepting applications for returning Students. Head over to GreenPad to find out more about private accommodation.

Q: Can I apply for accommodation if Staffordshire University is my insurance choice?

A: Yes, you can apply. However, priority is given to students who have us as their first choice.

Your offer

Q: When will receive my offer?

A: We work through applications in date order from when we receive them. As you can imagine, there is a lot of applications so this process takes some time. Sit tight, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We'll only send you out an offer when your application to the University is Unconditional and we are your first choice. This means that if you've got exam results to wait for, it'll be after you receive those when we send you an offer.

Q: Am I guaranteed my first preference of accommodation?  

A: No, that's why we ask you to rank your options. Your application preferences are subject to availability but we'll try our best to offer you the accommodation you want. Apply as soon as possible for a better chance.

Q: When will I find out what room I'm in?

A: We now only let you know your specific room upon arrival, when accepting your offer you will be shown the type of room, but not the room number. This is because it is often necessary to adjust your room allocation before you arrive.


Q: When do I pay my rent?

A: Depending on which payment option you chose, you will either pay it all at once when you accept your offer or in instalments throughout the academic year. If you chose instalment, you'll pay a £250 prepayment of rent to accept your offer. You'll pay the remaining balance over three instalments- it'll all be broken down for you when you accept your offer. We time these payments to coincide with when students receive their student finance payments.

Q: What is a prepayment?

A: We ask for a £250 prepayment to accept your offer as a guarantee that you will be staying with us and to complete the application process. It's not a deposit so you won't get it back, but it does get removed from your total rent bill.

Q: Can I change the card that I pay my rent using?

A: Yes. Your card details can be changed with the Finance Department.

Q: I'm coming to the University for one Semester. How do I pay my rent?

A: You'll have to pay the full cost of your accommodation at the time of accepting your offer.


Q: What will I need when I arrive?

A: You'll need your booking confirmation (this is given to you when you complete check-in) and a form of ID. You'll also need your belongings and personal items.

Q: Can I arrive early?

A: It's very rare that we can offer early move-in. However, if you have an exceptional reason why you want to move in early, pick when you want to move in and let us know why during the induction process. We'll then be able to let you know if we have early availability.

Q: Can I arrive late?

A: Yes, however you'll still be charged from the date your contract starts, even if you arrive late. Please let us know during your induction when you're planning on arriving.

Q: When is move-in day?

A: Your move-in day is specified when you apply for Accommodation. The start date of your Licence Period is the earliest date you may move into your room.

Living Here

Q: Will my belongings be insured?

A: Yes, you're covered under our block insurance policy up to £5,000.

Q: How do I get post delivered?

A: Our Leek Road Houses and Tedder Court have post delivered directly. Clarice Cliff Court and Leek Road Halls post is sorted at our post rooms and available for collection at our ResLife Hubs. Post is available for collection at College Court Reception.

Q: What's the deal with the Internet?

A: Internet Services in our On-Campus, Stoke-on-Trent accommodation is provided by StudentCom. This means you get access to 30MBps internet included in your rent with an option to upgrade (T&Cs apply). College Court internet services are supplied by ASK4 (T&Cs apply)

Q: Can I bring my car?

A: Yes, however if your staying on our Stoke-on-Trent campus, you'll need to get a permit and we can't guarantee there always being a space. You won't need a permit for Tedder Court, but spaces are first come, first served. Unfortunately we're unable to offer parking at College Court.

Q: Where can I do my laundry?

A: We have Laundry Facilities at Leek Road in Bush House, at Clarice Cliff Court, and at College Court run by Circuit (T&Cs apply). Tedder Court have washing facilities in each House.

My Room

Q: Will I need a TV License

A: Maybe! It all depends how you watch TV. Visit TV Licensing for more information. We take care of the TV Licence for the TVs we provide in communal areas, so you don't need to worry about that.

Q: What if I don't like my room?

A: We open applications to change rooms after Welcome Week is over. So don't worry and come and speak to us. Unfortunately we can't change your room before you arrive.

Q: Can I have a fridge in my room?

A: Yes. Just make sure you let us know and you take responsibility if it leaks

Q: Do you supply bedding and kitchen utensils?

A: We don't, however you can purchase bedding or kitchen utensils through Chaffinch Student. Chaffinch are a local company and we work together to make sure whatever you buy is in your room waiting for you when you arrive.


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