Residence Life

Residence Life

ResLife here at Staffordshire University strives to make your time here on campus the best it can be. We promise to provide a safe, affordable, and comfortable place to live... but why stop there?

This place is full of kind, smart, funny, caring people from all over the world and we want to use that to create the best community that you can be a part of.

What we do

ResLife is about more than just giving you a place to stay at University, its about giving you new opportunities and life skills that help you become a more well rounded individual.

We provide loads of exciting things to do and think about things that give you the opportunity to meet new people and learn something new.


  • Open Mic Night

  • Block Parties

  • Inter-block Competitions

  • Sports activities

We also put on a big event every month that's themed around certain holidays or annual events like Christmas and Valentines Day


  • Cooking Classes

  • Sewing Classes

  • Art workshops

  • Pottery Workshops

  • Finance drop-in sessions

Community Engagement

We know that when you move to one of our residences, you're not just moving home, you're becoming a part of a new community. We not only encourage a community atmosphere within Residences, but also throughout the campus and local area. Our team works closely with local groups such as the YMCA, where we were recently invited to put on a community meal for close to 100 local people.

Our Team

The ResLife Team

Our Residence Life team run the day to day operations of Accommodation here at the University. It's our job to make sure everyone is happy, safe, and comfortable in their homes. As well as this, we facilitate the events and community engagement which we pride ourselves on.

ResLife Coordinators

We have a team of Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) who stay in our accommodation with students and make sure everyone is happy and settled. They're all returning students who have been at the University for at least a year already. Having been newcomers themselves, they know exactly what it's like to start a whole new adventure! So they're the people to go to if you need help finding the best supermarket in the area, the best place around for a good night out, and even where to do your laundry. Even if you just want a cuppa and a chat, our RLCs can help you out.

ResLife Crew

If you have any maintenance issues with where you're living (e.g. a light has stopped working) you don't have to go out and replace the bulb yourself. Our team of ResLife Crew will fix the issue for you, just let us know and we'll be over as soon as possible. We aim to make safe critical maintenance issues within 4 hours, and rectify the issue within 5 working days. Routine maintenance may take slightly longer, dependent on current demand.

ResLife Assistants

While living with us, Residents (along with their flat mates) are responsible for the day to day cleaning of the communal areas. We have a team of experienced ResLife Assistants who are friendly and full of hints and tips to help make things a little bit easier. 

Our Code of Pactice

Where you live is a big part of being at University, which is why Staffordshire is one of a number of Universities that is signed up to The Student Accommodation Code.  The Code protects our students’ rights to safe, good quality accommodation, to make sure our students get the best out of their time living in our residences.  It outlines everything students can expect from our accommodation as well as their responsibilities. The Code has already raised standards of accommodation at Staffordshire University and underpins our ongoing dedication to our students. We are fully committed to providing a safe, comfortable living environment which will help support our students in leading a successful and enjoyable student life.

Connect with us

To find out more, get the latest updates, and to see what we're up to in the Residence Life Team, connect with us.

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