We are all experiencing the effects of the credit crisis at the moment and most of us feel powerless in its recovery.

However, there is one serious crisis we all have the power to change, just by making simple changes to our behaviour - THE ENERGY CRISIS!

From switching off unused lights to using new technology to conserve our energy, we can all make a difference to the impact we have on our planet.

Whether at work or at home, we have a collective responsibility to save energy and aid the environment in the future, and therefore, Staffordshire University is introducing the 5 Greens initiative to remind us all to conserve energy.

So look out for the 5 Greens signs around the University, get into the habit of switching off where possible, and if you carry on following the initiative at home, you might just find yourself saving some money on your energy bills!

We all have a corporate and a personal responsibility to our environment, so please try to stop Wasting Energy wherever possible!

To read more about the University's energy use, please see the following: EnergyUse (PDF, file size: 271.9KB) (PDF, file size: 271.9KB)