For Business Customers


It is very important if you are a supplier, that you always state a purchase order number on your invoice.  We fully understand that there may be times when you will deliver good/services to University staff which may have taken place over the phone.  Unfortunately, we are unable to process your invoice without a PO number and your invoice will be returned to you unpaid.

Our Terms and Conditions for Suppliers are detailed on our Procurement Page (see link opposite), along with our procurement guides and policies.



As an employer you may be paying for a member of your staff to study at SU.  Please arrange for a purchase order to be available to your employee which they will need to upload onto the University's systems as part of their enrolment process.  Once verified by Financial Services, an invoice will then be sent to your organisation (rather than the individual student).

Please note that a purchase order is required for each year/block of their study.  Students whose employers are paying their fees are made aware of this fact during their registration process.

Payment of invoices can be made as follows:

  1. Over the phone, by credit/debit card or by BACS - please use the details stated on the invoice or contact our Accounts Payable Receivable Team (Deborah Pownall).

  2. Make a Payment on line.   When following this link please have your invoice number and customer number handy.



External Personnel

External personnel such as Governors, student ambassadors or those without access to our i-expenses system - may need to claim expenses.  Please find here, a link to our Non Staff Expenses Form (XLSX, file size: 42.38KB) .  If you need to contact us, please see attached Finance Contact List (PDF, file size: 264.91KB) for Accounts Payable and Receivable section.

Unitemps staff will need to go through Unitemps for any expense claims.

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