Undergraduate Finance

Paying Your Fees

As an undergraduate your financial situation may vary depending on your personal circumstances.  There are several ways of paying your tuition fees, such as; 

  • student loan / grant

  • paying them yourself

  • your employer is paying

They are explained further, below.

Loan / grant

The University will be notified by Student Finance or Student Loans Company if you have received a loan and we will liaise directly with them.

Important!  If you receive an invoice from Financial Services and you believe you have received a loan/grant to pay the fees, please contact our Accounts Receivable Team (PDF, file size: 196.84KB) (PDF, file size: 264.91KB) as soon as possible.  We have an automated system which, unfortunately, will continue to chase you for payment if overdue, unless you speak to one of our staff.   If you are still waiting for your loan to come through, please call us (Jacque Mottershead on 01785 35 3383) and we may be able to help.

Please note; if you need to give your Student Finance Reference Number this is made up of 4 letters, 8 numbers and a final letter at the end.   e.g.  SFDU12345678A.   This number is different from your login number and can be found on your Student Finance acceptance letter.

If you enrol part way through an academic year and wish to pay by instalments, please contact the Accounts Payable/Receivable (PDF, file size: 196.84KB) Team in Financial Services for more information.


Employer is paying

If your employer is paying your tuition fees then you will need to obtain a purchase order from them before completing your online enrolment.  In a few cases, a purchase order might not be used by your employer - in which case a letter of sponsorship must be obtained by you from your organisation.  The document must be uploaded via your e:VisionStaffs portal.  Please note that you will be personally responsible for the payment of your tuition fees if the University has not received a purchase order or letter of sponsorship for you at the point of enrolment.  Please also note that a purchase order/letter of sponsorship is required for each year/block of your study.


You are paying your fees

There are several ways to pay your fees and they are explained on our 2013/14 Credit Control Policy (PDF, file size: 189.01KB) .  This will be updated soon for 2014/15.  Information regarding Undergraduate fees, discounts etc. can be found on the Student Office website.

Please find below, useful links which might aid you in paying your fees:


Discounts / Early payment

We offer various discounts - please see our Student Information Centre for more information.

Student Loans

If your circumstances have changed since applying for Student Finance it is important that you notify them of any change in your circumstances to ensure you are receiving the correct amount of money.  It is important to ensure your student finance account is up-to-date and accurate throughout your time at university. 

If you are in doubt over receiving the correct funds please arrange a meeting with the Students Union or click on the student finance link above, which will take you to the government website. 


Bursary and Scholarships

For information on National Scholarship Programme (NSP) and University Bursaries, please take a look at the Student Office undergraduate funding page where you can found out if you are eligible for the NSP.

When you apply for your Student Loan - as long as you have ticked to agree to allow Student Finance England to share your information with the University - then you will automatically be applying for a Bursary.   This data is passed to the University and we assess your entitlement.  Letters confirming your bursary will be sent out by November each year.   If you are expecting a bursary but do not receive a letter by the end of November, please call into the Information Centre at Stoke or Stafford. Bursary payments are made at the end of March and the end of May.


Intermit / Withdrawal

Please click on the link to the Student Information Centre, if you are in the process of trying to decide if you should intermit/withdraw.  However, we would advise that you also talk to your Personal Tutor, a Student Advisor at the Information Centre and the University Faculty Student Guidance Advisor as they may be able to help you resolve the problems you are currently experiencing so that you do not either have to intermit or withdraw.

Find out more information and support about withdrawing from your course or see our FAQs.


Your accommodation fees should be paid through the University Accommodation Office

Please visit accommodation support or alternatively contact: 01785 353841.

Nursery, Library and Educational Trips

Normally for any other services you may use, e.g. nursery, library, education trips - you should make your payment in accordance with the information supplied to you by the specific department.  However, if you receive an official University invoice (which will be sent by email to your student portal) you should pay in full using the payment methods described on the invoice.

Student Finance Links

Student Finance.gov is a UK Government Organisation and is run independently by Student Finance England, Student Finance Scotland, Student Finance Wales and Student Finance Northern Ireland. Student Finance.gov.uk can advise you on what you are eligible to claim and guide you through the process.

Student Loans Company is the independent agent who look after the money which the government and various local authorities give you and it is the Student Loans Company (in most cases) who will issue you with the actual payment.

If you are a student from The Channel Islands or Isle of Man, you will need to contact your local body to ask about student grants/loans, rather than the UK Government. For the purpose of Higher Education (HE) you will be regarded as an International Student rather than a Home/EU student. Please see the links below which will take you to the relevant pages.

Home/EU students should contact Student Finance.gov.uk

Isle of Man students should click here

Students from Guernsey click here

Students from Jersey click here

Credit Control Policy

It is important that you read the University's Credit Control Policy (PDF, file size: 189.01KB) . This also forms appendix 12 in the General Regulations for Students.