What's included within my tuition fees?

In order that students can make an informed decision about their chosen course of study, we are committed to providing clear information about the costs of that study.

In particular, we clearly set out those costs of study which are included within a student's tuition fee and those costs which must be met separately by the student.

This commitment applies to full and part time students studying an undergraduate programme, taught at Staffordshire University in the UK, where a fee is levied. Students who do not pay a tuition fee, such as those sponsored by the NHS, are not covered by this commitment.

Costs that ARE included within the tuition fee

  • The costs of all appropriate teaching, supervision, assessment and examination related to your course of study. The costs of accessing the University's student support services.
  • The costs of essential learning materials for basic skills development relating to your studies, in particular uniforms, laboratory coats and other essential clothing (excluding footwear).
  • The costs of all essential and compulsory field trips (excluding food and drink) directly related to assessable learning outcomes.

Costs that are NOT included within the tuition fee

  • The costs of any additional examinations other than for the intended award upon which you are registered at the University.
  • The costs of personal membership of professional bodies.
  • The costs of additional materials beyond those essential materials provided. (Students in some subject areas should expect additional costs. For example, Art and Design students must bear the costs of consumable materials.)
  • The costs of optional field trips and other enhancement activities.
  • The costs of travelling to and from placement.
  • The costs of printing and photocopying, library fees and fines, and text books.
  • The costs of any Occupational Health Assessment or criminal record check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), as required by the University or a placement provider. With the exception of health (nursing, midwifery, ODP, paramedic science) and social work courses where we do pay for Occupational Health, DBS checks and uniform costs.

Tuition fees are charged on the basis of progression or completion of your study on registered modules each year. If you fail a module and are required to retake it, then you will be charged the pro-rata fee for that module. Tuition fees are payable on an annual basis and are normally subject to an inflationary increase every year.