University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
2 October 200830 October 200816 October 2008I took all possible steps to consider the points you raised and this included convening a meeting on 3rd September with the relevant senior managers of the Faculty and also, xx, Personnel Manager (and member of WIG).

I would like to know: Who attended the meeting?

I would like to see:

Any emails and letters, on this topic from and to

Meeting notes and/or minutes for the meeting.

Any emails and letters, on this topic from and to x, following this meeting.
Emails given to requester
6 October 20083 November 20089 October 2008I would like to make a request for the following information:

For each of the foundation of legal knowledge / core law subjects taught on undergraduate programmes provided by the University:

(a) the average mark attained by students
Answered in full
23 October 200820 November 20084 November 20081. The names of the law firms curently used by the University
2. The annual spend on legal fees for the academic year 2005/2006; 2006/2007; 2007/2008. Please include figures for both income and expenditure and figures for fees that you may have capitalised in your accounts.
3. The date the current legal contracts began, their term and the date of expiry.
2005/06 �22k
2006/07 �205k
2007/08 �265k
Since 1988
19 October 200814 November 20084 November 2008Can you please forward me a list of all contractors and consultants with contact details invovled in the maintenance and or repair programe over the last 18 months?Sent contractors list