University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
12 May 200911 June 200918 May 2009A) Does the university have a system for checking that the information provided by candidates on their UCAS form is correct?

B) In the 2007/2008 admission round how many applications were checked? (What proportion was this of the total number of applications received?)

C) How many applications were found to contain incorrect information?

D) How many applications were found to contain incorrect information provided in response to the following parts of the UCAS form
1. The candidates address
2. Preparation for higher education
3. Whether the candidate has been in care
4. Parental occupation
5. Parental education
All questions answered fully
28 May 200925 June 200927 July 2009Common Purpose sales literature reveals the fact that Paul Richards -Staffs Uni is an advisor to Common Purpose

I would like a copy of all e-mails and attachments between Paul Richards and Common Purpose from August 2008
To May 28th 2009.

A copy of all invoices received from Common Purpose from January 2008.
Two invoices sent