University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
20 November 201017 December 201022 November 20101. The number of experiments carried out at the University in 2008 and 2009 that used animal testing. This should be broken down year by year.
2. In these experiments, the total number of animals that were tested on. This should detail the number of each animal and be broken down year by year.
3. The severity level of the tests that were carried out on the animals in terms of the Animal Act 1986.
4. The number of the animals tested that died in testing or subsequently put down.
University does not keep or use animals for research or other perposes.
12 November 201010 December 20107 December 20101. The names of those people given honorary degrees by the University in the academic years of 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10.

2. The total cost in pounds sterling of everything associated with the awarding of honorary degrees by the University in the academic years of 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10. Total costs should include all expenses that were paid for, for those receiving degrees and those attending the ceremonies. This should therefore include hospitality, travel and accommodation expenses, i.e. Food, air fares, train fares, petrol, hotel rooms etc. Total costs should also include all costs relating to the ceremony itself and any reception or dinner that may also have taken place, i.e. Programmes, food, drink, entertainment etc. Total costs should be broken down by each honorary degree ceremony in each academic year.
2010: Fayyaz Afzal OBE, Emma Bridgewater, Gill Brown, Natasha Carlish, Mike Greenacre, David Kidney, Nikki King OBE, Hilary Lister, Deborah Meaden, Gail Narinesingh, Dr the Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam, GCSK, FRCP, Professor Doctor Alfredo Rocafort Nicola, Sir Kevin Satchwell, Tim Smit.
2009: Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, Jackie Ashley, Dame Joan Bakewell DBE, Gordon Banks OBE, Cordella Bart-Stewart, Patricia Callaghan, Bill Garrett, Andrew Marr, Tony Pulis, Esther Rantzen CBE, Nitin Sawhney, Graham Stow CBE, His Honour Judge Simon Tonking, The Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston, Jonathan Wilkes.

2008: Alan Johnston, Carol Ann Duffy CBE, Denise Leigh, Helen Tse, Joanna Yarrow, Ken Campbell, Mike Short, Mo Chaudry, Neil Carr OBE, Peter Coates, Ray Edensor, Sir Philip Craven MBE, Wayne Hemingway MBE and Gerardine Hemingway MBE, Wing Commander Andy Green OBE, MA, RAF.
2007: Ann Daniels, Ashley Blake, Elizabeth Parker, Joan Walley MP, John M Mohin, Jonathan Barnbrook, Loleita Higgins MBE, Michael Cashman MEP , Michael Wood, Nina Nannar , Oliver James, Patrick Burns , Paul Bishop, Paul Henshall , Phillip Taylor, Shami Chakrabarti CBE , Sir Bert Massie.
Total - �1519.50

Total - �1577.00

Total - �941.00

Hospitality - part of the greater event
Travel - see attached
Accommodation - see attached
Programmes - part of the greater event
Food - part of the greater event
Drink - part of the greater event
Entertainment - part of the greater event
9 November 20107 December 201022 November 20101) How much you have awarded in compensation/goodwill payments in the
Academic year 2009/10 to undergraduates and postgraduates who complained
About your institution?
2) How much did you award in compensation/goodwill payments in the academic
Year 2008/09 to undergraduates and postgraduates who complained about your
3) In the academic year 2009/10, did you waive fees rather than award
No compensation offered to students

Fees waived for 2 students-

1 student received a good will payment of �1500
4 November 20108 December 20107 December 20101. In the academic year 2009-10, on average:
*how many hours a week did students attend compulsory classes or tutorials? How many hours is that in total a year?
*how many hours a week did students attend compulsory lectures? How many hours is that in total a year?
*how many students were in each
A) class
B) tutorial, if applicable
C) lecture?
*what percentage of these classes, tutorials and lectures (respectively) were taken by a professor versus a postgraduate student?
*how many essays/how much coursework did students have marked and returned?

2. Please answer the same question, but for the academic year 2005-06.

3. Please attach any internal data you keep logging student complaints about teaching from 2009-10.

4. Please attach any complaints received from students about teaching, in anonymised form, during 2009-10.
Registers are kept by academic staff and monitored by administrators for the Pre Qualifying Nursing awards due to the professional requirements of the award and the need to report to the NMC that the necessary 2300 days theory and 2300 days practice have been met. Pre Qualifying Midwifery award is based on hours and this again is monitored and reported on to the NMC. The faculty of Health has to sign off at the end of the award that these days have been completed.

No records are kept regarding attendance by any other faculty.

No information kept centrally re Professor/Postgraduate student.

3 + 4 - We received 13 formal (recorded) complaints regarding tuition and supervision in 2009/2010.
22 November 201020 December 201029 November 2010How many kitchen fires have there been in the last 5 years within
Clarice Cliff Court. How many of these were due to reasons other
Than students burning food?
September 2008-June 2009

2 x Cooking Activations

September-November 2009

9 x Cooking Activations

December 2009

1 x Cooker Fire Activation

January 2010

1 x Cooking Activation

February 2010

1 x Cooking Activation

March 2010

1 x Cooking Activation

April 2010


May 2010


June 2010


July 2010


August 2010


September 2010

6 Cooking Activations

October 2010

5 Cooking Activations

No other incidents within kitchens reported throughout above periods of time.
22 November 201020 December 201025 November 2010I am writing to enquire about the ventilation system used in the
Halls of residence on Stoke campus, specifically Minton hall on
Stoke campus. Do you have any information about what the
Ventilation system consists of how and how effective it is supposed
To be? Is the ventilation tested in any way, and if so, how


The fans are adequately sized for their function and are non main-maintained units. They are replaced when reported faulty. The units receive an annual clean.
22 November 201020 December 201029 November 2010I would like to ask how much money the University spends per year
On kitchen appliances in the students halls of residence, and
Whether these are checked by approved contractors every year- if so
How long ago were the appliances in Clarice Cliff court checked?
The last financial year we purchased:

Microwaves - 99 @ �36.00 each

Fridges - 12 @ �112.00 each

Freezers - 6 @ �119.00 each

Fridge-Freezers - 14 @ �212.00 each

Cookers 17 @ �181.000 each

Kettles - 100 @ �8.10 each

All kitchen white ware is portable appliance tested each year by Middleton's Maintenance.
30 November 20105 January 20118 December 2010Director of Finance
Head of Procurement
Director of ICT
Head of ICT
ICT Manager
Application Manager
Infrastructure Manager
Network Manager
Telecoms Manager
ICT Security Manager
ICT Service Delivery Manager
ICT Support Manager
ICT Training Manager
ICT Projects Manager
ICT Operations Manager
ICT Strategy Manager
Web Manager
Can you also send me the following documents:-
The organisations ICT structure with contact names
For each of the job titles above please can you send me their:-
Full contact names
Actual job titles
Direct contact numbers
Direct email addresses
Sent org charts and supplied details of managers