University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
8 June 20106 July 20107 July 20101. A copy of the skills test that was taken by the Audio Visual technicians who sat the test on 6 & 19 May 2010
2. The scores of the skills test taken by the AV technicians on 6 & 19 May 2010
3. What factors were used in the redundancy selection process
4. Copies of any scoring used in the interview process
5. The interview questions
6. Who is undertaking the work of the AV technicians whilst they are on gardening leave? What are there grades and skill levels?
7. The reason why management disabled the AV technicians e-mail accounts.
All answerd with the exception of question 2, DPA applied.
3 June 20101 July 201015 June 2010Am I able to request a copy of that document - BG/70/4Sent the document requested.
14 June 201012 July 201015 June 2010Requested Postgraduate fees charged by Staffordshire University between 2003/4 and presentScanned and emailed copies of fee brochures for 2003/4 to 2009/10,and informed requester that 2010/11 fees were available on University web site
30 June 201028 July 201020 July 2010Number of concerns and complaints recorded by those responsible for students in the Faculty of Health made by students on the course in the recent past in relation to the Mid Staffs NHS Foundation Trust (Stafford and Cannock Hospitals). In particular relating to:
Treatments and standards of nursing care
Bullying or harassment of students, relatives and patients
While students were on placement in the above establishments between Jan 2009 and June 2010.
Letter posted and request closed
27 June 201023 July 201016 August 2010Can you please advise if terrorism or any similar topic such as political violence, counter terrorism, counter insurgency or suicide bombing is a subject of study in any discipline at your institution. In addition to the obvious context of social science courses I understand that these topics are sometimes touched upon by less obvious disciplines such as information science and art.
If so, can you please provide the following for each course or module.
The name of the module and the name of the degree or course of which it is a part including the level e.g. Undergraduate and year or postgraduate.
Copies of all introductory documents provided to students or researchers taking the course including, but not limited to, the course outline and reading list.
Documents sent with a copyright statement