University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
23 September 201021 October 201014 October 2010Please tell the number of staff employed by the University whose salaries are 50,000 or more and the salary of each relevant staff member.

Separately, please disclose the number of staff whose salaries are 100,000 or more and include the relevant salary of each staff member.
There are 190 staff earning �50K or more.
The number of staff earning �100K or more is 4, by providing salaries would identify the individuals and therefore is personal data.
18 September 201015 October 201023 September 2010* In the years 2009/10 and 2010/11, could you please give details of all sponsorship deals (e.g. The university sponsoring sports clubs, cultural events etc) costing �20,000 or more. I would like to know the name of the company/event sponsored by the University, and how much the total deal is worth.

* Please could you give me a summary of the university's financial accounts for 2009/10 and 2010/11, and whether the university is running at a deficit.
There is nothing that the University sponsors that would cost more than �20,000.

The accounts for 09/10 have not been signed off yet, until an audit has taken place during October, the Board of Governors have to sign them off during Nov/Dec before they are published. 10/11 will not be available until Dec 11.

Here is the link to the University�s Finance department website URL you can view the accounts here when they are published.
15 September 201013 October 201023 September 2010My request is as follows; a list of addresses of non-council (private owned.) properties within the county that have been empty for 12 months or more. I have been informed by a councillor in another part of the country that this information is obtained from details of when council tax was last paid on the property, this may help you in fulfilling the request. If you can not help me please may you forward me the details of the council's inside your county thanksThe university does hold information regarding private properties.