The Services we Offer- Freedom of Information Act


  • Prospectus

    • Hard Copy Location: Admissions

    • Website: Prospectus request

Services for outside bodies

  • Hard Copy Location: Enterprise and Commercial Development

  • Website: Enterprise and commercial development

Course content

  • Course brochures

    • Hard Copy Location: Marketing and Recruitment

Welfare and counselling

  • Student Charter

    • Hard Copy Location: Academic Registrar

    • Website: Student charter (PDF, file size: 252.41KB)

    • Hard Copy Location: Student Counselling Service

    • Website: Counselling

Health including medical services

  • Dean of Students/Academic Registrar

    • Hard Copy Location: Student Healthcare Services

    • Website: Health


  • Careers and Employability Service

Chaplaincy services

Services for which the University is entitled to recover a fee together with those fees

Information will be made available shortly

Sports and recreational facilities

Museums, libraries, special collections and archives

  • Description of services and collections

    • Hard Copy Location: Information Services

    • Website: Information Services

  • Library catalogue of physical holdings

Conference facilities

  • Conference and room bookings

    • Hard Copy Location: Facilities Management

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Advice and guidance

Student Information Points


Media releases

  • Press releases

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  • News and events

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