Health and Safety Policy



Our University is committed to attaining the highest standards of quality in both our learning and working environment. The development of robust and proactive arrangements for managing health and safety is, therefore, an integral feature of our activities and reflects our commitment to achieving  continual improvements in workplace standards. Achieving high standards not only enhances our business efficiency and performance but also recognises that our staff and students are our most valuable asset. This document, which has been approved by the Board of Governors, outlines a framework for the management of health and safety at the University and provides the basis by which more detailed arrangements can be developed by Schools and Services to control risks. This policy also specifies duties and responsibilities for key personnel and, in addition, provides guidance on ‘best practice’ in relation to a number of relevant issues which affect us all.

Health and safety is an important issue and we must be mindful of our own personal responsibilities to take care of our own health and safety and that of our students, staff, visitors, and members of the public. In particular, we must exercise a high degree of care for our students, many of whom have little awareness or experience of the hazards in what is essentially a working environment.
In order to fully achieve our objectives to raise standards this policy must be actively supported by both staff and students and translated into positive action. In this way we can all make a valuable and significant contribution thus ensuring that our University will continue to be a safe and healthy place in which to work and study.

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