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Our logo


The Staffordshire University logo comprises of both the Staffordshire University name (the logotype) and the badge element (the monogram). They are both coloured white inside a solid red square, with the bottom left-hand corner of the square clipped at an angle of 45 degrees.

Both the logo and the University name are registered trademarks and this affirms how important it is to our organisation. It must be used with care and attention as to where it will be displayed. The addition of our logo to any item of communication immediately aligns the institution to whatever it appears on and any views expressed both on and offline.

All 4 logo versions in a line

 If you need to use the logo, you will need permission from Staffordshire University - please email using the subject heading LOGO PERMISSION REQUEST and provide further information surrounding your request. Including…

  • a brief background of the context in which the logo will be placed
  • what platform the logo will be used in (print/digital)
  • file format required (JPEG, BPS, PNG, etc.)
  • any other relevant information regarding your intended use of the logo.

Using our logo

Clear space should always be kept around our logo. This is a transparent border surrounding the logo that should be free of graphics, other logos and text.

This clear space (often referred to as an ‘Exclusion Zone’) ensures that our logo always retains its prominence in print and online, uncluttered by graphics and other logos. Depending on the size that the logo is being used at determines the size of the clear space. As a guide, the width of the clear space around the logo is the same as the width of the badge element (the monogram) of the logo at its final size.

Note that the logo can be placed on photographic images without an exclusion zone.

 To ensure that the Staffordshire University brand is represented consistently and to ensure the highest quality of representation of the logo, please do not alter the logo in any way.

  • Do not print just part of the logo
  • Do not reposition the logo
  • Do not change the logo colours
  • Do not change the typeface or redraw the logo
  • Do not distort or stretch the logo in any way
  • Do not add special effects to the logo
  • Do not use a version that has been copied from the web. Those copied from web pages are of low resolution and therefore poor quality when used for print reproduction.

 If you need advice or guidance on using the Staffordshire University logo, please email