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This page includes information about the Academic Development Unit team and their roles and responsibilities, please see below for profiles and contact details.

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About Us

Our Vision: to drive excellence in collaboration with the academic community

Our Mission: an expert team providing high quality support to enhance the academic outcomes of the University

Find Us

The Academic Development Unit's (ADU) staff members are based in the Stoke-on-Trent campus and mainly within the Mellor Building, College Road, although other members such as, the public engagement team are based in the Flaxman Building. For more information on location, please visit the campus information page.

ADU Expertise and Knowledge

Rebecca Penny - Director of Quality Enhancement Service


Dr Marj Spiller - Head of Academic Staff Development


Paulette A Morgan - Academic Development Manager

  •  Academic Planning 


Penny Vincent  - Senior Lecturer in Creative Communities and the Staffordshire Graduate