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Academic Award Regulations

Please see the University’s Academic Award Regulations for further details.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar sets out all of the key dates throughout the academic year. These include term time dates, assessment periods and Extenuating Circumstances deadlines.

Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct Regulations (PDF, file size: 93.37KB)

If you are facing Academic Misconduct please contact the Student Guidance Team for information, advice and guidance.

Academic Skills Know-how

A team of staff within Digital Services based in the Thompson, Law and Shrewsbury Libraries which can help you to find good quality resources, to improve your writing style, to polish your referencing skills and to upgrade your use of IT.

Drop in or book an appointment and meet the expert team of librarians, skills tutors and IT consultants and get bespoke advice on how to improve your grades whether it is in the context of exams or assignments.

Alternatively, book an individual session at a time to suit you or get together with a group of friends and ask for a session focusing on a range of issues.

The team can also help you get the best out of the feedback you receive.

Contact e: ask@staffs.ac.uk, w: http://www.staffs.ac.uk/support_depts/library/academicskills/.

Accommodation Office

For information and assistance regarding University managed halls of residence and private sector housing see: Accommodation at Staffordshire University


For general advice and guidance please contact either the Students’ Union Student Advice Centre or the Student Hub. For more specific advice please refer to the relevant sections of this Directory.


Staffordshire University welcomes applications for the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL). If a student thinks that past experiences and learning may be used toward gaining formal credit toward study at Staffordshire University they may be able to apply for up to 75 per cent of their chosen award through the Accreditation of Prior Learning route. Whether previous learning has been undertaken in a formal or informal setting and whether the student was given a certificate or not does not necessarily matter. If they can clearly demonstrate that experience and learning engaged within the last five years equates with specific aspects of their chosen course, they may be eligible for APL.

  • Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL)

  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)

Contact Course Enquiries directly at enquiries@staffs.ac.uk or by telephoning 01782 294400
Web APL Policy (PDF, file size: 127.2KB)


Appealing against your assessment/examination results is called a Procedure for a Student to Appeal against the Decision of an Assessment/Award Board (PDF, file size: 74.32KB) . There are a limited number of grounds upon which a student can appeal.


Steph Bates, Regulations and Compliance Officer 
t: 01782 294326
e: s.e.bates@staffs.ac.uk 
Emma Cowdell, Regulations and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294069
e: e.l.cowdell@staffs.ac.uk
Ashley Steadman, Regulations and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294288
e: Ashley.Steadman@staffs.ac.uk 
Jane Sheldon, Regulations and Compliance Administrator
t: 01782 294019
e: j.sheldon@staffs.ac.uk

ASK – Assignment Survival Kit

Assignment Survival Kit (ASK) is an award winning piece of software developed by Information Services, designed to help you to cope with your first assignment. Whether you are preparing an essay, report, poster or portfolio, ASK can help you to plan your time and to find the resources you really need, providing you with information, advice and a step-by-step schedule.

Assistive Technology

A range of specialist software is available from Information Services for students with a disability.


International Attendance Certificate

As you may be aware, the University has responsibility to UK Visa and Immigration to monitor the engagement and attendance of International students who are studying with us in the United Kingdom under a Tier 4 Visa.

Therefore on several different occasions throughout the academic session you must bring a signed attendance certificate to the Student Hub at Stoke or Information Points at Stafford and Shrewsbury. You will receive an email, in your student email account, this will include an Attendance Certificate for you to download and also inform you when to submit your International Attendance Certificate.

Award Verification

For information on how to obtain an award verification.