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Calendar (Academic)

The Academic Calendar sets out all of the key dates throughout the academic year. These include term time dates, assessment periods and Extenuating Circumstances deadlines.

2018/2019 Academic Calendar (PDF, file size: 81.67KB)

Care Leavers

We are keen to encourage students in care to apply to Staffordshire University. We aim to help you make the most of your time here and to complete your course successfully.

  • If you have any queries in relation to accommodation or tuition fees, please refer to the relevant sections in this guide. 

  • Please ensure that you seek support and advice from your Local Authority Care Leaving Team.

The named contacts in the University for Care Leavers are also Student Guidance Advisors and can be contacted through the Student Hub.

Careers Centre

Careers In the Hub

The Careers team is here for students and graduates throughout their whole journey here at Staffordshire University, and forever more.
We support students whether you know what to do with your career or not, we can help you to…

  • Explore your options and plan your next steps

  • Find out more about starting your own business or becoming self-employed

  • Get part time work or work-related experience

  • Write stand out applications

  • Connect with employers, entrepreneurs and organisations related to your future career


Visit MyCareer

Your one stop-shop to:

  • Book a one-to-one appointment with a professional Career Advisor

  • Look for jobs and work experience

  • View and book onto careers events

  • Access a selection of career information and resources

Get in Touch:
Find us in The Student Hub, ground floor, Science Centre, Leek Road
t: +44 (0)1782 294991
twitter: @careersatstaffs

Getting careers help
There is a Careers Centre on the Stoke and Stafford campuses.  We’re open daily, from 9am to 5pm.  Our Employability Coaches see students daily from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.  You are welcome to call in at any time and see us. 

Alternatively, if you prefer, we offer email Coaching via careers@staffs.ac.uk – just drop us a line and we’ll allocate a Coach to you. 

Contact us:

Online: www.staffs.ac.uk/careers
Email: careers@staffs.ac.uk 
Telephone: Stoke Careers 01782 294991

Join us on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Staffsunicareers
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/careersatstaffs
LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=7473628


Stoke Careers Centre
Cadman Building (Thompson Library), College Road, Stoke on Trent ST4 2DE 

(CAS) Certificate of Acceptance for Studies/Visa

For advice on extending your student visa contact International Student Support

  • You can download application forms and guidance notes from the Home Office

  • For more advice you can check out UKCISA

e: isa@staffs.ac.uk

Cash Machines

Cash machines are available at:

  • A fee-paying cash machine is on the wall of Brindley Building, Leek Road (opposite the Students’ Union shop entrance)

  • College Road outside the Post Office (free of charge). Cash can also be withdrawn inside the Post Office with a debit card during opening times

  • Students' Union - Free cash machines in Leek Road Venue in Stoke. A fee-paying cash machine is in Ember Lounge in Stoke.

  • Within the entrance of the Railway Station, Station Road (free of charge)


Our in-house catering teams deliver a first-class and highly versatile service, in a variety of relaxed venues.
We aim to provide a service that all our customers can enjoy offering a wide choice of quality fresh food and drink at affordable prices, sourced from local suppliers from any of our cafe bars.

See our University Catering Venues

  • A wide variety of freshly prepared meals can be bought from our SU bars, located at College Road and Leek Road.  These include burgers from a local farm, pizzas and some delicious desserts.
  • For a quick lunch on the go, you can choose something healthy from Squeeze Box, selling freshly made smoothies, paninis, wraps and soups. Alternatively you can visit one of our SU shops to get everything you would expect from a local corner shop, plus great deals on stationery and clothing. Our Leek Rd shop also sells fresh fruit and veg and other groceries, to help you do the weekly shop at your convenience.

Changing Course

Are you thinking about changing your course? Or changing from full-time to part-time? Changing your course can have implications for your loan and tuition fees or other allowances if you are disabled.

Please follow the steps below

  • Log onto the e:VisionStaffs Portal, go to the 'My Course' section and under the 'Thinking of Leaving, changing your course or study mode or having a break from your course', click on the contact form and complete the details requested

    If you have not already spoken to a Student Guidance Advisor, they will then contact you to discuss your request in more detail


(see Faith and Spirituality)


Academic misconduct of any kind, which includes cheating or plagiarism, may be defined as any attempt by a student to gain an unfair advantage in any assessment. Please visit Refzone or the University Regulations for more information.

Contact the Academic Regs and Compliance Team:

Steph Bates, Academic Regs and Compliance Officer 
t: 01782 294326
e: s.e.bates@staffs.ac.uk 
Emma Cowdell, Regs and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294069
e: e.l.cowdell@staffs.ac.uk
Ashley Steadman, Academic Regs and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294288
e: Ashley.Steadman@staffs.ac.uk
Jane Sheldon, Regulations and Compliance Administrator
t: 01782 294019
e: j.sheldon@staffs.ac.uk


We understand that choosing how to care for your child/ren whilst you are at University is an important and difficult decision to make. Whether we are caring for a new born baby to our pre-school children we are committed to offering every child a nurturing and inspiring environment in which they can learn and flourish.

Please visit or call our caring and professional nursery team who will work in partnership with you to make an informed decision about the options available for you and your child.

Free nursery taster sessions available.

Contact details:
Staffordshire University Nursery
4/5 Winton Square
Station Road
Stoke on Trent

Email: nursery@staffs.ac.uk
Telephone : 01782 294981

More information on the Nursery.


Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD). If left untreated it could have serious consequences, sometimes affecting future fertility and general wellbeing. About one in ten sexually active young people tested have Chlamydia, yet most of them show no signs nor symptoms and don’t know they have it. Contact your GP or Student Health Service if you have any concerns.

See Student Health Service 


The University will look at every complaint made, in a positive way, in order to help us to monitor and improve our services. You can approach your Student Guidance Advisor in the first instance to resolve your complaint.

To submit a complaint email it to regulations@staffs.ac.uk


Steph Bates, Academic Regs and Compliance Officer 
t: 01782 294326
e: s.e.bates@staffs.ac.uk
Emma Cowdell, Regs and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294069
e: e.l.cowdell@staffs.ac.uk
Ashley Steadman, Academic Regs and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294288
e: Ashley.Steadman@staffs.ac.uk
Jane Sheldon, Regulations and Compliance Administrator
t: 01782 294019
e: j.sheldon@staffs.ac.uk

Complaints in relation to the Students’ Union
Where your complaint relates to the Students’ Union or its services, please report it to the Students’ Union reception staff, email union@staffs.ac.uk or fill out our form at www.staffsunion.com/feedback. 


Digital Services provide and manage general access student computing facilities in the Libraries and IT Learning Centres, across all sites. All computers have Microsoft Office, email and Internet access and course related software for use by all students and staff. In addition to PCs, we also have Apple Macs available at Stoke in the Thompson Library and Cadman IT Centres and a wide range of assistive technology and software. 


The university has conference facilities available to hire.


Cop Shop

Our University Liaison Officer, PC Simon Stone is available for confidential advice and assistance on personal safety and security concerns, his contact details are:

Stoke Campus - Cop Shop, Cadman Building, College Road, ST4 2DE .

t: 01782 294311 (Office)
t: 07818296050 (Mobile)

e: simon.stone@staffs.ac.uk

Twitter - @staffsunipolice

Facebook - Staffordshire University Police


Visit the Cop Shop web pages for more information.

Copyright Information and Guidance

Information and guidance on copyright relating to the work of the University for students and staff at Staffordshire University.

Council Tax Information

Full-time students are considered to be “invisible” for Council Tax purposes. Some properties solely occupied by full-time students may not be liable for Council Tax.

  • You may have to provide evidence to the council that you are a full-time student. 

  • Certificates confirming full-time student status are available from the Student Hub

  • A full listing of local students will be sent to Stoke, Newcastle, Cheshire and Stafford Council Offices.

  • For advice about Council Tax contact the Students’ Union Student Advice Centre.



Visit Counselling and Mental Wellbeing for further information.


Please see:

Course Enquiries Team

The Course Enquiries Team are the first point of contact for enquirers and applicants for course information and admissions enquiries from UK, EU and International enquirers and applicants.

Course Enquiries 
D105 Cadman Building 
College Road

e: enquiries@staffs.ac.uk
t: 01782 294400

Credit Transfer

This refers to part of the admissions process. Credit transfer is when a student enters their chosen course at an advanced stage. For example if you have studied at another university on a similar course to the one you are applying to at Staffordshire and if you have passed all your modules it may be possible to enter study at Staffordshire at an advanced level.

If you think that experience and qualifications may entitle you to credit transfer please contact Course Enquiries directly at enquiries@staffs.ac.uk or by telephoning 01782 294400


See our Sustainable Travel web pages for more information