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Meningitis and Mumps

If you have not been vaccinated against these prior to arrival, it is essential that you discuss this with your GP and where appropriate, arrange for vaccinations. If you are not already registered with a GP, it is essential you do so on arrival. For further details see: Student Health Service.

Mental Wellbeing

Staffordshire University is committed to promoting a culture of mental wellbeing for its students. Staffordshire University is keen to create an environment for study in which students feel free to access support wherever it is needed. If you are concerned that you or another student are experiencing mental health difficulties there is support available. For specific and confidential help and advice with issues around mental wellbeing and mental illness you can contact the Mental Wellbeing Advisors:

U001, Trent Building
Leek Road
t: 01782 294977

U014, Ground Floor
Centre of Excellence Stafford
Blackheath Lane
t: 01785 353615

You may also find it helpful to consider contacting the Student Health Service, among others, in this Guide.


A module is a unit of study attracting a given number credits at a particular level in direct proportion to its total learning time. Modules are either 15 credits or multiples thereof.

  • Core Modules must be passed in order to gain a particular named award.

  • Option Modules are those which you must select from within a prescribed set within your award.

  • General Option Modules are available only at levels 5 and 6 and are chosen from a list determined by the award for which you are registered.


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