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If you are a student with children the information included here is aimed at supporting you as a Student Parent throughout your academic journey.

Part-time Funding

If you are a part-time undergraduate student you may be entitled to help towards the cost of your course.

Personal Details

Students are able to view the information the University holds by logging on to the e:VisionStaffs Portal and clicking on the 'Personal Details' section. Should you need to amend any of the information that the University currently holds on you (i.e. Name/address/next of kin) you can do so by clicking on the 'request a change' button

Personal Development Planning

Blackboard includes a Portfolio tool to enable you to create an online portfolio illustrating your achievements, skills and Staffordshire Graduate Attributes that is useful when planning your personal development.

Logon to Blackboard and go to the Help tab for a full guide to creating and sharing your portfolio.


Personal Safety

If you are worried for your own personal safety then do not hesitate to contact your Campus Police Officer.  See Cop Shop for contact information

Personal Tutor

Every student at the University is allocated a Personal Tutor. It’s important that you meet regularly with him/her. Remember they’re not there just to help when you’ve got problems. They will offer you support and encouragement along the way as well as review your progress during the year.

Log into the e:VisionStaffs Portal to find out who your Personal Tutor is.

Photocopying, Printing, Scanning

Multi Functional Devices offering high quality photocopying, printing and scanning and available in all our libraries and IT Centres and at various locations across the University. All MFDs offer A4 and A3, black and white and colour printing, copying and scanning. You can print from any computer in the University and also from your own laptop or mobile device.

Plagiarism / Cheating

Academic misconduct of any kind, which includes cheating or plagiarism, may be defined as any attempt by a student to gain an unfair advantage in any assessment. Please visit Refzone or the University Regulations for more information.

Steph Bates, Academic Regs and Compliance Officer 
t: 01782 294326
e: s.e.bates@staffs.ac.uk
Emma Cowdell, Academic Regs and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294069
e: e.l.cowdell@staffs.ac.uk
Ashley Steadman, Academic Regs and Compliance Advisor
t: 01782 294288
e: Ashley.Steadman@staffs.ac.uk
Jane Sheldon, Academic Regs and Compliance Administrator
t: 01782 294019
e: j.sheldon@staffs.ac.uk

Police Liaison

See Cop Shop


University Policies and Students’ Union Policies are updated every year and some of these will affect you directly. For your benefit check out all current rules and regulations. 

Postgraduate Study

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) have developed a 'Steps to Postgraduate Study' website to provide answers to the sorts of questions prospective students may want answers to. You can access the site here: http://postgradsteps.hefce.ac.uk/.


For information on prescriptions and medical assistance please see Student Health Service