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Staffordshire University's Unicard

The University's Access Agreement with OFFA, committed the University to introduce a 'cashless card' scheme for new entrant students in receipt of a bursary. From 2015/16 the Unicard will also be used for new students in receipt of a £500 Staffordshire Kickstart.

For more information go to our Unicard web page


At Unitemps we help students like you find part-time and temporary work, both on University campus and with businesses in the local area.

Of course, taking a part-time, temporary job will boost your finances but you will gain a lot more than that.  It is an opportunity to build employability skills that are very much in demand from employers.  Research has shown that students who gain exposure to business demonstrate a better understanding of their theoretical studies and often perform better academically.

We handle a wide range of part and full-time assignments that can last for just a few hours or carry on for several weeks or months.  Work areas include:

  • Clerical and administration

  • Secretarial

  • IT

  • Telemarketing and market research

  • Catering and bar work

  • Translators and interpreters

  • Cleaning

  • Support work/Tutoring 

There is more information here. Our service operates online, so you can register for work and apply for jobs at www.unitemps.com 

Or come visit us at

6th Floor Flaxman Building
College Road
Tel: 01782 294995

 e: unitemps@staffs.ac.uk

twitter: @UnitempsStaffs

University Switchboard

If you need to contact someone at the University and don’t know the number the main switchboard will be able to help.

t: 01782 294000 University

t: 01782 294629 Students’ Union Switchboard