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Jack Haynes

Jack Haynes
Course studied:
Business Management and Entrepreneurship BA (Hons)
Year of graduation:

I graduated in 2011 from the business school with a degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. The experiences and knowledge I gained there allowed me to fulfil my dreams of opening my own business – and I know they will help me grow and expand over the coming years.

My qualification allowed me to take a management position with a retailer in Norfolk, where I practiced a lot of the techniques and thought processes that I had developed over my time at Staffs – and within one year I was being promoted up the management structure!

I found the broad coverage of subject matter most useful following my graduation, as I had a core education in business law, accountancy, management, marketing, planning, project management, researching and much more – but most importantly, I had a renewed outlook on life in general. I am now more able to critically analyse and assess the world around me, enabling me to make better decisions and view opportunities in different ways. I learnt the importance of thorough diligence, mental agility and learning from everyone and everything around you.

I have now opened my own business in Stone, Staffordshire selling organic herbs, spices and culinary ingredients called ‘Flavours of Flora’. I have laid my shop out in a novel and attractive way to bring something different to the town and create a talking point.

I used the exact business planning process that I developed in my course modules to help me identify, segment and target my market using geographic and socio-graphic information as well as considering both micro and macroeconomic influences on the success of the business. Provisional business accounts and cash flow forecasts were created and a comprehensive business plan assembled that ensured financing and secured contracts with suppliers and my landlord. I have high hopes for my business and have huge potential for expansion in store and in new locations.

Although I have gone into retail, the course gives you the capability to go into whatever field you desire, and a lot of my friends from the course have gone all over the world to work in many industries. The main thing that it instils in you is the confidence to go out and make your vision a reality, the confidence to back your ideas because you have the knowledge and ability to drive them into a success.

There are certain types of people who are motivated to succeed in business and my education at Staffordshire University set me up perfectly to ensure the best chance of success in my endeavours.