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Student support during COVID-19

At Staffordshire University, we place students at the heart of everything we do, which is why we remain committed to providing support and services that enable you to enjoy the best possible experience while studying with us.

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Where can I find information on what support is available to students at the University?

Student Support Services are here to help students succeed, from Welcome through to Graduation. Our service provides individual student support and group workshops, respecting government guidelines while promoting student and staff safety.

Our current support offering includes:

  • Student support pages – Where all student Information and Support can be accessed.
  • Support and Guidance – helping students through a variety of information and processes including Exceptional Circumstances, Student Support Fund applications, Estranged Student and Care Leaver Support. For more information contact
  • International Student Support – supporting International students throughout their university experience with everything from welfare support to Student visa information and advice. For more information contact
  • Disability Support – Accessability support helping you with reasonable adjustments – contact us now to ensure everything is in place for September 2020 on
  • Staffs Regional Access Centre – Providing DSA assessments for appropriate equipment to support you while studying at University. More information on Staffs Regional Access Centre
  • Student Wellbeing  – Supporting students with wellbeing, mental health, and Counselling needs. More information on student wellbeing
  • Chaplaincy – Supporting students of every and no faith with their spiritual needs. For more information contact
  • Inclusion – Supporting students from every walk of life, culture, sexuality and lifestyle to find their place in the university. For more information contact
  • Other resources available to Staffordshire University Students - Students that are studying with us can also access various FREE mental health and wellbeing resources and services including Togetherall (formerly Big White Wall), Student Space and Start To Success.

Our Current Students webpage outlines the full range of support available to students here at the University from accommodation and money to careers and digital services and more.

COVID-19 Support and Response Team

Here at Staffordshire University we are doing everything we can to support you through the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we have established a dedicated team that is on hand to offer support 24/7.

Our COVID-19 Support and Response Team covers:

  • Oversight and ownership of Student Reporting Webform, COVID-19 emails and telephone enquiries
  • Rapid response, information gathering and tracing to determine potential risks to our community
  • Coordination of support for all students who are self-isolating, displaying symptoms or who have tested positive for coronavirus
  • Production of daily reports for Public Health England (PHE)
  • Production of resources and information
  • Ongoing development and review of the service

How do I contact the COVID-19 Support and Response team?

The team can be contacted via telephone on 01782 298 500 or via email by writing to

What happens if I contact the COVID-19 response team?

If you reach out to our team, whether you test positive, begin to display symptoms or are required to self-isolate because you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive, you will receive support, information and guidance.

  • All students and households will be designated a key point of contact from one of the following areas: ResLife, Student Support and Wellbeing, Students’ Union
  • Contact will be made on average three to four times during a period of self-isolation through a combination of telephone calls, emails and individual or household meetings hosted via Microsoft Teams
  • Students will be provided with a self-isolation guide featuring information about expectation, access to resources, cleaning and hygiene, access to support and services, etc.
  • We have established a formal partnership with ASDA, which includes priority codes, a 24-hour delivery guarantee and, if necessary, mass delivery
  • Support is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week through Campus Security, our Out-of-Hours Wellbeing and Community Coordinator and a team of staff on-call ensuring continuity and a rapid response if required.

See more information on how the COVID-19 Support and Response can support you

Student Connect

Student Connect are available to help with any initial enquiries you might have whilst studying at the University.

Unsure who you need or where you need to go, Student Connect can help.

Self-Service and Automated Facilities' available on Beacon.   

Webpages and live chat:  


Tel: 01782 294751 

Students’ Union

Please be advised that SU services are operating with adjustments to keep our University community safe. 

See the latest updates on the Students' Union website.

The Students’ Union can provide you with free, confidential and impartial support to solve the problems that prevent you from studying in a stress-free environment.

Student Advice Team

Our Student Advice Team offers advice with academic issues, money management and housing help tailored to your personal circumstances – and if they can’t help you directly, they’ll know exactly who can.

Book an online appointment with an Advisor

Student Voice Team

Our Student Voice Team empowers you to improve the quality of your course and make a lasting difference to your University experience.

We hope that you're never frustrated with aspects of student life, but if you ever are there's always something we can help you to do.

Get in touch with the Student Voice Team at

The Students’ Union is led by four students, like you, elected to represent your views, experiences and ideas to the University – your Elected Officer Team.

Speak to your Elected Officer Team about any feedback you have about life and studying at Staffordshire University

For further information about coronavirus and the Staffordshire University Students’ Union visit and anything else visit

See a walkthrough of the Students' Union building

Staffordshire University Student Support Fund

If you’re struggling financially and worried this might impact on your ability to continue with your studies, Staffordshire University has a fund that might be able to help you.

We recognise that many of our students are facing unforeseen difficulties because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and are pleased to announce that we are now able to extend this vital resource to all students who are experiencing hardship due to the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 – including international, distance learning, and postgraduate students.

 For further information and to apply, visit Staffordshire University’s Student Support Fund. If you require guidance or support in applying, please contact our team at

Student Loans Company (SLC)

The Student Loans Company (SLC) committed to making term-three tuition fee payments as scheduled, so current students will continue to receive maintenance payments in line with the previously scheduled dates.

Library information

The University continues to to ensure a COVID-secure library environment,working closely with the University Estates team to ensure that the Libraries are a safe environment to work in and inspire your studies. We will continue to provide comfortable and flexible study spaces although we will be following the latest COVID-19 guidance to keep everybody safe.

For full details on the support available at our libraries, please visit our designated page below. Here you can access the latest information on our libaries including resources, click and collect service and our Academic Skills team support team.

See the latest Library information

International students

Our International Student Support team continues to provide advice and guidance to all of our international students. They can be contacted by emailing Further information on the latest guidance on student visas is available from the UK Government.

If you wish to speak to representatives from the UK Home Office’s Coronavirus Immigration Helpline, please call +44 (0)800 678 1767 (open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm – calls are free of charge if made from within the UK). The Home Office asks that customers check before calling the helpline as this is the central source of information. If you remain concerned about your immigration status, you can also email for further information.

How can International Student Support help me?

International student support is available to support you from the moment you have received your final offer to help you prepare not just for your visa application but also help you prepare to start your journey to Staffordshire University. We will ensure you have a range of pre-arrival information designed to help make your transition to University is as smooth as possible.   

We also plan a welcome programme for you to help you settle and orientate yourself within the local area. A number of social events including our One Staffs Cafe and trips to various parts of the UK will also take place.

If I have a question regarding a visa application what do I do?

The International Student Support team are trained immigration advisors who can help you if you have specific questions regarding your Student visa application or you are unsure what documents you need to submit or have a questions about the format of your financial documents.

You can contact the team either by email: or telephone +44 1782 294639

More information for International Students on what to expect when you arrive


Although currently physically closed, the Careers team is operating online to ensure you can still receive help and advice when you need it. 

The Digital Careers Studio: Looking for part-time work, securing a placement year, to interview tips and securing graduate roles, we have our team of friendly Career Coaches on hand Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm to support and guide you.

We are conducting our one to one appointments via Microsoft Teams currently to ensure everyone is safe and we can still offer you specific, tailored coaching. To set up a one to one Teams call with a Career Coach simply drop an email to, or call 01782 294991 and we will get you booked in at a time to suit you.  

Online Resources: With an emphasis on searching, applying and preparing for a job in this digital environment, our range of online career resources will help you to plan, find and apply for a graduate job or work experience

Business Start-Up: Do you have a business idea? The Be inspired start-up scheme offers all the support, help and training you’ll need, including a business mentor, grant, networking opportunities and online workshops.

Mentoring: Our Mentoring programme will help to support students as they navigate work experience, design their future and prepare to enter the graduate marketplace.

More information our Careers services available to students.

Additional information

To learn more about the support available to Staffordshire University students, please visit our current students page.

If you are a Staffordshire University student studying with one of our Collaborative Academic Partners, please contact the institution in question for information about local arrangements. 

This page was last updated on Wednesday 4 August 2021 at 12.48pm. Please check back for the latest guidance.