Gowns and Academic Dress - Graduation

Where do I order gowns?

We encourage all Graduates to wear academic dress. This comprises a gown, hood and mortarboard.

You must order your gown hire in advance from the University’s supplier, J. Wippell & Co.  This can be done via their online hire shop, as soon as our ticket booking system opens.  J. Wippell & Co. Ltd will be open for booking until the end of June. The cost of the gown is £45.

Please have the following details ready:

  • height
  • chest measurement
  • hat size (circumference of your head taken just above your ears)
  • date of your ceremony
  • time of your ceremony
  • qualification 

When should I collect my gown?

On the day of your ceremony, after you have checked in at the Registration Desk, you will be able to collect your gown from the Gowning Marquee.  Staff will be available to help you into your robes and show you how to position the hood.  The gown is yours to keep for the day but must be returned to the Gowning Marquee before you leave Trentham Gardens and by 6.00p.m at the latest.

What should I wear?

The Graduation is a formal occasion and you are requested to dress appropriately. You will find it useful to wear a buttoned shirt/blouse to which the academic hood can be fastened, or alternatively bring some small safety pins to affix the button-loop of the hood to your clothes. Hair pins are also useful to secure the mortar board (hat). Some of the ground/paths in Trentham Gardens are sloping and graveled, therefore we would recommend 'sensible' shoes.

What will my hood and gown look like?

When you pre-order your academic dress through the Wippell’s online hire-shop, you will be asked to enter the type of award (e.g. Bachelor of Arts) you have studied. Wippell’s will then select the appropriate hood and gown for your award. Examples of Staffordshire University’s academic dress colours are shown below: