University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
4 November 20052 December 20059 November 2005Does the university/college have a policy requiring staff to formally declare relationships with students, in order to avoid any conflict of interest.Not at this time.
8 November 20056 December 20059 November 2005Am trying to investigate if there are issues around timeliness of feedback to undergraduates.At the moment our policy is to give official feedback within four weeks.
25 November 200523 December 200529 November 2005Gross income from consultancy between Sept 2004 and Sept 2005Request complete
29 November 20054 January 200614 December 2005Meeting notes of where decision on change of Field Course offering was madeRequest fulfilled
29 November 20054 January 200619 December 20051. What was the total number of students enrolled on your LLB course ( all modes ) in academic year 2004/5

2. How many cases of plagiarism and cheating in total were detected among your LLB students ( all modes ) in academic year 2004/5

3. What action was taken in respect of them

4. Do you use plagiarism detection software
Full reply to the information requested