University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
7 February 20067 March 20066 March 2006Provide details of the salary, and any additional payments (including performance payments) made to the current members of the senior management team including the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Director of Human Resources, Director of Finance, University Secretary and Pro Vice Chancellors in the financial years 2001-2, 2002-3, 2003-4, and 2004-5.

Where there has been a change of post holder in that period, please simply state the salary for each post.
Sent requester link to Annual Accounts 17th Jan
27 February 200627 March 200628 February 2006Number of students at Stafford site by study mode/residential category
Any plans to expand numbers at Stafford over next 5-10 years
We hold no current students at Stafford site with explanation of limitations