University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
10 December 200715 January 200811 December 2007I am interested in receiving an organisational structure chart for the legal department that deals with any legal issues within your organisation.The University does not have a legal department in , so we are unable to provide an organisational chart as requested.
4 December 20079 January 200817 December 2007Please could you supply me containing the following
School Code: the code by which UCAS knows the school, and/or:
DCSF Code: the 7 digit code by which the DCSF or its equivalents in
Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland knows the school
School Name: just so
Postal Code: the school's postcode
Course ID: the UCAS Program Code or equivalent
Course Name: the UCAS Long Title or your own equivalent
Gender: M or F for preference
For each undergraduate (including those who have taken a gap year or
Two) admitted to Staffordshire University from a UK school in 2005; and
The same for 2006; and the same for 2007 when thrs data is available is what I am after. An extract fiom you HESA returns will suf5ce.
Sent excel files to requester