University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
18 July 200715 August 200713 August 2007Could we see our scores against each category of the RFQ?Sent to requester
26 July 200723 August 200726 July 2007Could you please supply me with information relating to Staffordshire University Halls of Residence.Sent to requester
26 July 200723 August 200716 August 2007Number of ug students who dropped out in 2006/7,2005/6,2004/5
Total number of ug students in above years
Reasons given by students leaving course
Details of measures taken by University to encourage students to complete
Emailed response on 15 Aug
Referring requester to HESA PI website for retention data
Giving few examples of reasons given by students for w/d from course eg Heath,Employment
Said University already follows all recommendations in NAO report,and as WP university has done so for long time.
Refer request to Hefce web site explaining funding model,which confirms non completing students do not count in numbers used to calculate University funding