University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
15 January 200812 February 200815 January 2008Could not seem to find a copy of your annual accounts on your website for 2007.Sent link to Finance site
14 January 200811 February 200829 January 2008Please tell us if your institution has a policy procedure on staff or student involvement in Sex work.No policy in Place
18 January 200815 February 200813 February 2008Director/Head of ICT
IT Manager
Director of Finance
Chief Information Officer
Shared Service Manager/Director
Service Transformation Manager/Director
Director/Manager Responsible for ICT
2. IT/IS/ICT/IM&T Strategy/Plan 0708-

3. IT/IS/ICT/IM&T Business Plans/ICT Service Plan 2008
Directed requester to the website
18 January 200815 February 200813 February 20081. Decision Makers-

Chief Executive

Head of Finance

Head of Corporate Services

Head of Environment Services

Head of Procurement

Head of Estates

Head of IT

Head of Human Resources

2. Medium Term Financial Plan/Strategy 0708

3. Medium Term Corporate Strategy 0708

4. Corporate Service Plans

5. Capital Strategy

6. Corporate Asset Management Plan

7. Treasury Management And Investment Strategy

8. Corporate Strategic Investment Plan

9. Service Revenue Budgets 0708

10. Structure of the organisation including job title and names

11. ICT (Information Technology) Contracts Register

12. All ICT Contract expiring within 24 Months
Directed requester to website