University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
6 November 20084 December 20086 November 2008How many remedial classes in i) English or literacy; ii) Maths or numeracy; iii) Physics; and iv) Chemistry did your institution run for first year undergraduates this year?
By 'remedial' I am referring to classes specifically for bringing new undergraduates up to the level required for commencing their degree course. If possible, I would like this broken down by the subject the undergraduate is studying, although I understand this may not be feasible. In the case of English or literacy, please exclude classes exclusively for foreign students.
We only provide classes to support students on specific aspects of academic literacy once they have demonstrated that they have the skills to undertake study with the University
4 November 20082 December 20083 February 2009Organisational Structure- This is basically a diagram highlighting the Vice- Chancellor and the executive directors. Please send the structure chart in PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint and JPEG.
Corporate Plan/Business Plan 0809- detail the steps
Details sent to requester