University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
8 March 20088 April 200811 March 2008For each of the years,

[a] 2007
[b] 2006
[c] 2002
[d] 1997
[e] 1987

The number of students graduating from the university with an LLB degree with each of the following awards

[a] First class honours
[b] Second class (upper division) honours
[c] Second class (lower division) honours
[d] Third class honours
[e] Pass degree
[f] Other award
Information sent to requester
16 March 200815 April 20083 April 20081. Is there a central listing of registers of interests and also gifts & hospitality? If not, please list all the divisions within the University and whether they have such registers.

2. As background information, I would like to know:

A. Who is responsible for monitoring these registers? ?

B. Are they audited and what is involved in the audit? ? Yes by the University?s internal Auditors

C. Please provide the rulebook or any guidance provided to staff on the completion of these registers. Please find attached

2. In what format are these registers kept (if electronic software is used please specify the programme).

E. What is the records management policy for these registers?
Sent requester Gift and Hospitatlity Register