University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
13 June 200811 July 200824 June 20081. The figure for the number of academic staff at your institution that have lodged appeals against decisions by the institution to exclude them from the Research Assessment Exercise 2008 (a) under the institution's code of practice for the RAE or (b) under any other part of the institutional procedure for dealing with complaints and grievances.

2. The reasons for their appeals (e.g. Special circumstances? Procedural grounds?)

3. Details of the result of the appeals. How many have been upheld? How many went beyond the appeals procedure to become formal grievance procedures?
I'm not aware that any members of the University have complained or appealed against non-inclusion in the RAE
16 June 200814 July 200824 June 2008Do you currently offer childcare vouchers to your staff? (If not, please skip to question 13)
2. Which childcare voucher provider do you use?
3. When did your childcare voucher scheme start?
4. When was your contract with your voucher provider last renewed?
5. Are you tied in to your existing provider? If so, when would you be free to move to a different provider?
6. When do you expect to review your scheme?
7. What administration fee are you paying your current provider, as a percentage of the voucher face value?
8. How many active members are in your childcare voucher scheme?
9. Does your voucher provider offer any additional services or benefits? If so, please provide details of the services offered and the number of your employees who actively use them.
10. Do you operate your own payroll services or use an external payroll provider? If you use an external payroll provider, is your childcare voucher scheme offered as part of their service or are you free to select your own provider?
11. How would you grade the customer service provided by your voucher provider: Excellent, Good, Average or Poor?
12. Please provide contact details for the person who manages the day-to-day administration of your scheme.
13. Please provide contact details for the person
Sent requester some answers to request . Did not fill out the questionnair .