University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
11 November 20099 December 200925 November 20091. Please give full details of housing that the university provides for the vice-chancellor, including: a brief description of the property (including, for example, number of bedrooms and other rooms, whether the property is detached/semi-detached/flat, how much land is attached to the property); market value of the property; how much rent the vice-chancellor is charged; the amount of the hospitality allowance and/or hospitality claims for entertaining at the property in the most recent year for which figures are available; and the number of full-time and part-time staff servicing the property.

2. Please state whether the university places a car and driver at the disposal of the vice-chancellor. If so, please state the model of car provided and the annual cost of the car and driver.

3. Please provide the same information for the deputy and pro-vice chancellor(s) or equivalent.
The Vice-Chancellor is not provided with any form of property by the University.

The University purchased a Volkswagen Tiguan Diesel Estate in November 2008 for �24,474. It is insured under a company package for the whole university and is used by the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Pro Vice-Chancellors and any other University staff or guests when necessary and/or appropriate.

When necessary, a driver is brought in and paid on an hourly basis as and when needed.
25 November 200923 December 200925 November 2009Information relating to action taken against President of S.U. Complaint s of sexual harassment of some female students of S.U. Presidents supportersThe investigation outcomes have not been formally released as yet because the University have asked President of S.U. For any comments he wishes to make at this stage.

I understand the outcomes will be released in the very near future, but do not have a specific date. Should you wish to receive a copy of those outcomes when released, please email me with your request.

As far as we are aware, the University has not received a complaint regarding sexual harassment of female students by President of S.U. Supporters.
20 November 200918 December 200910 December 20091. How many students do you have in your university who are from:
Hong Kong,

2.What was the number of new intakes from the following country for 09/10 (or 08/09 if 09/10 numbers are not available yet):
Hong Kong
1. How many students do you have in your university who are from:
China, - 335
Hong Kong, - 12
Malaysia - 69
Taiwan. - 4

2.What was the number of new intakes from the following country for 09/10 (or 08/09 if 09/10 numbers are not available yet):
Approximate figures to date as we are still in the 09/10 cycle
China - 220
Hong Kong - 2
Malaysia - 31
Taiwan - 1
16 November 200914 December 200910 December 2009Inform,ation requested regarding all downtime and disruptions.
Request for 3 job descriptions
Point 1.
Information about all IT related disruptions to services and service unavailability during the last twelve months. For example, network unavailability, power outages, server unavailability, and unavailability of Thesis, University website, Myportal.

The University has considered the information you are requesting, and to collate this information, would take us above the fees limit, which means. The University has a right to refuse your request for this information. However, as explained to you in my email dated Monday 16th November 2009, the University has a right to come back to you in this matter to ask that you narrow your request down, and also has a duty to assist you to do that.

Point 2:
A copy of the report produced by the Server Applications Support Manager, Information Services, in relation to the Power outages at the Stafford Datacentre February 2009.

The university does not hold a report written by the Server Application Support Group Manager. However, there is a document written by a person from another University department regarding this investigation

Point 3:
1. Job Description of the Director of Information Services
2. Job description for the Associate Director of I.T
3. Job description of the Server Applications Support Manager

Please find attached.