University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
7 December 200912 January 201015 December 2009Please could you supply me with an Excel spreadsheet (or with data in an electronic form which may readily be loaded into such a spreadsheet, such as a tab delimited file) containing the columns described below. You should find that this information is included in the returns that you make to the HESA, and I am more than happy to receive it just as submitted to them:
- School Code: the code by which UCAS knows the school
- DCSF Code: the 7 digit code by which the DCSF or its equivalents in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland knows the school (Note: if you keep this data as one mixed field, with or without a prefix such as "D", then please just supply that field as one column)
- School Name: just so
- Postal Code: the school's postcode
- Course ID: the UCAS Program Code (e.g. W100 for Fine Art) or equivalent
- Course Name: the name which you give the course, which may contain the degree awarded but MUST contain a description of the subject of the course - e.g. "BA Creative Advertising & Promotion".
- Gender: M or F for preference
For each undergraduate (including those who have taken a gap year or two) admitted to Staffordshire University from a UK school in academic year 2008/9.
Statistics sent to requester in Excel format