University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
4 March 20091 April 20099 March 2009Would you be kind enough to provide me with the dates and times of this year's summer LLB and GDL/CPE examinations.Directed the requester to the appropriate website
17 March 200916 April 200924 March 2009Structure of legal policy department job titles and names of people in those position:
Head of Research Services
Head of Leagal
Head of innovation
Head of the tecnology transfer
Policy Manager
Policy advisor
Strategy Manager
Performance Manager
Sent hard copies and letter to requester.
24 March 200923 April 200924 March 2009I am e-mailing to place a request for all information available under the Freedom of Information Act; relating to the departmental structures for the following: I.T and Information. Any information that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.Sent link to I.S. Site and sent org chart
26 March 200927 April 200923 April 2009At the UCU AGM yesterday, the staff survey was discussed by members, and the delayed release of the survey's findings after the recent postponement of the SSF.

I was commanded by the meeting to request, under the FOI Act, the release of the survey's findings and any report comparing us with similar institutions.
Refused - Prejudice to the effective conduct of public affairs (FOIA s36(2)(c))