University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
15 April 20097 May 201027 April 2010Number non EU students in last two years sent acceptance letter but did not enrol on course.
Split ug/pg by nationality
How many enrolled at Staffs Uni but a) w/d within 6 months b)by end first year - all by nationality
How many non-EU bee
Requester asked for clarification but never came back to us
20 April 200919 May 200930 April 2009Please could you reveal the following information:

Library fines
Please reveal the total amount in library fines collected since the beginning of this year (i.e. On and since 1 January 2009).
Please reveal the total amount of library fines collected in:
(a) the financial year 2008-09
(b) the financial year 2007-08

Please can you break the above three figures down into the amounts collected at:
Law Library (Leek Road)
Thompson Library
Nelson Library

Cost of security staff at libraries for self-service opening
Please can you let me know the cost of employing security staff to cover for University libraries during self-service opening,
Namely the figures for the total salary costs since the beginning of this year (i.e. On and since 1 January 2009).
Please can you break the totals down into the total for Law Library coverage, total for Thompson Library coverage and
Total for Nelson Library coverage.
Please can you reveal, for each of the three libraries, total costs (since the beginning of this calendar year) for weekdays and
Total costs for weekends.
For the Law Library, weekdays is evening cover (Mon-Thur) i.e. 8pm, or as the case may be 5pm, to 10pm; and weekends is
Self explanatory I think - if not it is obviously the Sat and Sun opening combined.
For the Thompson Library and also for the Nelson Library, the definition of weekdays is the periods of self-service opening starting
8pm Monday nights and ending 9am Friday morning (i.e. Excluding the staffed opening hours i.e. Staffed opening is your normal
Coverage beyond security staff) and weekends runs from 5pm Friday night to 9am Monday morning (again the self service hours
Between those times, excluding the staffed opening).
In 2007/8 the total in fines was GBP45,000
2008/9 year end is not until 31.7.09 but as at the end of February 2009, the fines were GBP 26,000.

Self service opening
The total cost for security guards for Law, Cadman/Thompson and Nelson from January to March 2009 is GBP 40,325.

Of this, the additional cost of 24/7 opening (over and above the previous 3am closing) is GBP 16,000 for February and March 2009 (to support Nelson and Cadman/Thompson).
20 April 200919 May 200922 April 2009Please could you reveal whether Staffordshire University Students' Union, or anyone on behalf of the Students' Union,
Have made any Freedom of Information or Environmental Information requests
The University has not had any requests from anybody identifying themselves as a student(s) studying here.
28 April 200929 May 200928 April 2009Under the Freedom Of Information Act I am interested in the structure of your organisation, therefore I would appreciate it if you could complete the attached document.Sent approriate web address to all areas
28 April 200929 May 200912 May 20091. Please send me full details of expenses claimed by the vice-chancellor in the most recent financial year for which figures are available. For each claim, please provide a) date, b) amount paid, c) brief description of what the claim was for.

2. Please also send me the credit card bills for corporate credit cards used by the vice-chancellor for the same financial year.

3. Please also send the expenses claims filed by the vice-chancellor's personal assistant, including corporate credit card bills, where these relate to expenses incurred by the vice-chancellor.
A redacted version was sent in excel format. Receipts with held