University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
13 October 200910 November 200920 October 2009How many student plagiarism allegations each year 2003/4 to 2008/9
How many investigated
How many confirmed as plagiarism
What penalties
Confirmed no stats prior to 2007/8
No stats relating to total cases investigated
16 October 200913 November 200920 October 2009Number of students excluded in 08/09 for cheating in exams/assessments
Number of students in 08/09 found guilty of cheating
Number gound guilty of submitting essay etc from third party in place of own work
In 2008/9 no students permanently excluded due to academic dishonesty
In same year 229 cases proven - all plagiarism
No students found guity of submitting assignment which they had paid for etc
16 October 200913 November 200921 October 2009Please could you send me copies of all letters dated on or after 1.1.08, which are signed by the vice-chancellor of your university and have been sent to the Government or the Conservative Party and mention the topic of tuition fees.There are no recorded letters on file that the V.C.has written in connection with tuition fees
22 October 200919 November 200928 October 2009Request from The Royal College of Midwives for information relating to concerns about the current demographic profile of midwifery educator, and the current situation in faculties providing midwifery education.Request completed - e-mail sent with information - read and delivery receipt requested