University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
2 March 201130 March 20118 March 20111. Can the University inform me of what donations it as received from the Middle East / North Africa since the year 2000, and the year were these donations received, including whether it just a one-off donation or an ongoing donation?

2. Of these donations, i) how many came from sources linked to the Government or its charitable / investment authorities? Ii) how many came from NGOs and what were the names of the NGOs? Iii) how many were from Islamic Groups?

3. What were these donations used for? For example were they used to create a new department, fellowship, or fund a department, and to what amounts in each year?

4. What are the largest donations in monetary value, from middle east/African Sources?
No donations received from area specified
6 March 20111 April 201124 March 2011Q1 Can you please enter the principal domain name of your institution minus www. And This will allow me to identify your response. In the event that you need to change your response for some reason please enter a fresh set of answers and add 2 onto your domain name. In that situation I will delete the initial request and use the updated version.
I understand that some university staff carrying out research work do so on the basis that all their salary and overhead costs are paid by research councils, research charities or research clients. I understand that such staff are usually referred to as �fully funded�.
Q2 How many staff at your institution are fully funded research staff ?
If the answer to Q2 is 0 then Q3, Q4 and Q5 will not apply.
Q3 How many of these fully funded research staff also carry out teaching work ?
Q4 On average approximately how many hours per week would fully funded research staff who also teach spend on preparation, lecturing, tutorials and marking ?
Q5 Please list the research councils, research charities or research clients that have paid during 2010 for fully funded research staff who also teach.
Q6 Please enter details of any notes, explanations or caveats to the answers above e.g. Q2 Estimated figure Q5 Only partial data held.
1Staffordshire University
2 5
4. 20 mins
5 Healus ltd
13 Finance
15 March 201112 April 201123 March 20111 - Does the university charge for guests of graduands to attend graduation ceremonies?
2 - If yes, what is the price of a guest ticket this year?
3 - If yes, what was the price of a guest ticket for 2010 ceremonies?
4 - If yes, what was the price of a guest ticket for 2009 ceremonies?
5 - Is there a concession for child guests?
5 - What is the total cost of Summer graduation ceremonies?
6 - What percentage of graduands attend their graduation ceremony last year?
7 - How many guests can each student bring?
1 The ceremony is charged per Granduand this included a minimum of 2 guests
2 �35.00 per Graduand
3 2010 was also �35.00 per Graduand
4 2009 was �30.00 per graduand
5 What is the total cost of Summer graduation ceremonies for 2010 �270498
6The cost is per graduand if tickets are used by a child or adult guest the price is the same.
7 Sorry we do not keep information on the % of graduands who attended the ceremony in previous years
8 Each guest is guaranteed 2 guest tickets if there are spare seats in a ceremony we allocate additional seats there is no fixed number it depends on if there are spare seats.
28 March 201127 April 201129 March 2011I would like to know how many bin bags are used in one academic
Year in the student accommodation on Leek Road, more specifically
In Minton Halls.
These items are not recorded at all on usage. These types of items get gets coded to cleaning materials and are not broken down into any area.

The university is unable to answer your request as it is not something the University records
28 March 201127 April 201129 March 2011I would like to file a freedom of information request about the
University funding spent solely on Toilet Roll.

I would like to know the suppliers of the toilet roll, as well as
The product name, the amount purchased per annum, as well as the
Cost per roll.

I would also like to know how many students in total there were,
Studying between 2010/2011.
22900 students enrolled on our courses in 2010/11,including SURF,Distance Learning

94p and the supplier is Bunzl