University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
12 October 20119 November 201117 October 2011Following widespread restructuring in the Education sector I would like to know the name and email address of the senior officer currently in the following roles at your University:-
A) Finance (e.g. Finance Director)
B) Human Resources (e.g. Head of Human Resources)
C) Information Technology (e.g. IT Director)
D) Performance Management (e.g. Performance Manager)

If the University has entered into Shared Services, or IT outsourcing with another body can you please let me know the name of that organisation and which person from either organisation now leads the above functions.

Additionally, in relation to the use of application software in your organisation I would like to know the name of the Vendor and application name for the following systems:-
A) Finance General Ledger (e.g. Oracle Financials, Agresso)
B) Planning/Budgeting (e.g. Excel, SPSS, component of Ledger system)
C) Human Resources (Personnel/payroll e.g. ITrent, Resourcelink, HR-Pro)
D) Performance management (e.g. Covalent, Corvu, Inphase. This software has typically recorded your National, Local and Partnership Indicators)
E) The Corporate Business Intelligence reporting tool (e.g. Cognos, Crystal, Business Objects)
Sent names and emai, addresses
We have a number of managed and hosted services such as print management and the library management system
Oracle Financials
) Business Objects
Do not have performance Manager or system
14 October 201111 November 201117 October 2011Please could you let me have the following information:

Finance System
Whether the system is internally or externally hosted
If externally hosted, by whom

Procurement System
Whether the system is internally or externally hosted
If externally hosted, by whom

HR System
Whether the system is internally or externally hosted
If externally hosted, by whom

Payroll System
Whether the system is internally or externally hosted
If externally hosted, by whom
Oracle Financials
Internally hosted
23 October 201118 November 20111 November 2011I am currently researching the destinations of graduates after leaving University. Staffordshire University website says that over 90% of graduates from the Faculty of Arts, Media & Design are in full-time work or further study 6 months after graduating.

Is it possible to break that figure down according to the precise degree studied within the Faculty, and according to whether the destination is employment or not? Does that information go towards the national survey on Destination of Leavers from Higher Education? Does the University keep statistics of this kind over the last five years, and if so would it be possible to access them?

I have two specific questions about the BA in Stop-Motion Animation and Puppet Making. How many students graduate with this degree each year over the past five years? And how many of them gain employment in that field of animation after graduating?
2009/10 6 students
2010/11 10 students

There are 6 Level students in 2011/12 who will complete in July 2012

Please also note that I checked with the Faculty regarding their webpage, they told me that this was out of date and have since corrected it, please find below the up-to-date percentage range for the following:

The figures across all awards for u/g+ p/g p-t + ft for 2008, 2009 and 2010 are 83.8%, 82.2% and 83.6%.

For u/g p-t + ft for 2008, 2009 and 2010 are 83.0%, 81.6% and 83.1%.

In your request, you asked �Does the University keep statistics of this kind over the last five years, and if so would it be possible to access them?�

The University can only give the last three years (see attached) as they now have a software tool to extract these figures, 2007/8 would have to be done by hand and is likely to take some time.
18 October 201115 November 201126 October 20111. What does your organisation currently do with its waste electronic or electrical equipment?
2. Does your organisation pay to dispose of this equipment? If so how much is the cost per annum
3. Is the disposal of your waste electronic/electrical equipment governed by a contarct? If so when does the contract come up for renewal
4. Please advise on the steps we need to take if we wish to be considered to provide a free clearance service for all your waste electronic and electrical equipment?
1. All electronic waste generated by Staffordshire University is collected by our Recycling Partners KMD and taken to their waste facility where it will be separated and sorted, then broken down into categories. The category type dictates the forwarding method, where it is either recovered in house as a reusable item/component or is reprocessed into material commodities and sent in bulk to refineries for further reclamation. A consignment note and certificate of destruction is issued to Staffordshire University upon collection and disposal of the electronic waste.
2. 2. Phoenix does not pay ( or receive any payment ) for the items we dispose of for the University ( a small charge is passed on for the disposal of monitors as these have dangerous gases that require specialist treatment and therefore incur a cost ). The charge to the University for the disposing of monitors has been less than � 200 in the last 12 months.
3. 3. The disposal is governed by the "Contract relating to the supply of IT and IT related equipment and services" which is due for renewal in August 2012
4. Send in any information about the service you offer and we may consider this when the contract with Phoenix is due for renewal but in the past we�ve looked at these �foc� services and it would mean that IS staff have to collect all of the items for disposal and store these until collection. This could be quite a lot of work and we don�t have the resources. Having it as part of the overall PC management contract takes away the time and storage issue and does not cost anything in addition
20 October 201117 November 201131 October 2011Could you please supply me with the following information:
[1] A copy of the university�s audio-visual policy on:
[a] the recording of lectures
[b] the recording of seminars, workshops or tutorials
[c] the recording of guest speakers/lecturers etc
[d] any exemptions to these

[2] Any guidance, consent forms and advice sheets that supports this policy

[3] Any supporting documentation on the challenges that new media technologies pose to these policies
The University does not have an audio visual policy. No information held with regard to this policy. As it does not exsist