University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
13 May 201312 June 201315 May 2013Under the Freedom of Information Act I seek the following information:

1. The number and percentage of White applicants that received an offer from the University for the following years: 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13.

2. The number and percentage of Black and ethnic minority applicants that received an offer from the University for the following years: 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13.

3. The number and percentage of male applicants that received an offer from the University for the following years: 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13.

4. The number and percentage of female applicants that received an offer from the University for the following years: 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13.

Could all questions be broken down into students from the UK and outside the UK.
Information proivded to applicant 15th May 2013
10 May 201310 June 201314 May 20131. The number of compromise agreements made with former or current staff from the start of 2007-2013 (so far).
2. The number of these agreements that contain confidentiality clauses.
If the cost limit of this request is not yet exceeded could you now answer enquiry 3 and then if it is still not exceeded, 4 then 5 and 6.
3. The total amount spent on compromise agreements or total amount paid to those who have signed them.
4. The most paid to an individual who has signed a compromise agreement, and the most paid to an individual who has signed one with a confidentiality clause.
5. Could the number of compromise agreements signed, and cost be broken down to each year, for example 5 agreements in 2008 at a cost of 50k and whether they are with former or current staff.
6. The names of the staff that signed compromise agreements, what department they were in and the reasons for it.
We don't keep any records of compromise agreements
3 May 20134 June 201323 May 2013Please provide me with a list of companies in which your institution invests. By this, I mean companies in which your institution owns shares or other securities, or invests using any other method which your institution defines as an investment.

Please also disclose the amounts which you have invested, though this will not be necessary should you estimate that this will take you over your costs limit. I can be contacted using this email address should you require any further clarification.
We do not have any shares or securities in any other compnaies
13 May 201311 June 201311 June 2013Can I please check if any of your institutions are chasing up unpaid fees to study and if so, how many and what is the current total your institution is chasing up? How long do any debts date back?
From which countries did the students who have not yet paid come from? What avenues are you pursuing - private detectives for example to find out where former students who have not paid are now living?
FRANCE 16163.31
GERMANY 7121.52
IRELAND 6104.27
GREECE 4224.17
CYPRUS 2560.99
SPAIN 2145.57
SLOVAKIA 1900.00
PORTUGAL 1316.25
POLAND 490.29
ITALY 454.30
LATVIA 432.29
HUNGARY 427.50
FINLAND 353.34

We do employ external agents to chase our debt where appropriate, a copy of the University credit control policy can be found at URL
14 May 201312 June 201311 June 2013If your organisation has (or has had in the last 20 years) any trading subsidiary/ies, I would be grateful if you could disclose, under the freedom of information act, for the last 20 years:We do not hold records going back 20 years, however our annual accounts can be found on our web site using the following link for the last 9 years.
1- a breakdown of all transfers [eg :of assets / funds/shares] , with dates, from your organisation to the trading subsidiary/ies, and viceversa, and

None from 2005 2013

2- a breakdown of donations (eg giftaid) received by your organisation from its subsidiary/ies.

None from 2005 2013

�35k in 2011/12
23 May 201321 June 201325 June 2013Main Questions (Worksheet1)
1. What is your full organisation name? (Column B free text)
2. Does your organisation hold any of the following contract types? (Column C drop down)
A. Please provide a description of the contract (Column D free text).
B. What version is the technology?
C. What is the main equipment type? (Column E drop down)
D. Who is the incumbent supplier? (Column F free text)
E. When was the contract start date? (Column G date format)
F. When is the contract end date? (Column H date format)
G. What is the contract value? (Column I number value)

Additional questions (Worksheet2):
10. What Microsoft agreement do you have? E.g. Enterprise Agreement (Column B free text)
11. Do you have software assurance? Yes/No (Column C drop down)
12. How many remote workers do you have? (Column D drop down)
Information sent to requester as per thier request
26 May 201324 June 201311 June 2013Can you confirm that you employed as Law School Lecturers, at least
Two, ex-police officers who left the Police before disciplinary
Proceedings could be taken against them.

Including a Derbyshire police officer who had appeared in court
Charged with possessing CS gas and a stun gun, nine charges of
Misfeasance in public office, possessing pepper spray, disclosing
Sensitive information, and concealing evidence between January 2000
To February 2007, attacking a person in the back of a police car
And then lying about the incident.

Another officer who resigned after being arrested for allegations
Of misconduct having been suspended pending an enquiry.
Staffordshire University appoint the best people for the job, the University does not supply personal information to third parties which would contravene Data Protection Principles
30 May 201327 June 201311 June 2013I am writing to make a Freedom of Information request related to academic appeals during the 2011/12 academic year, and OIA completions of procedures letters issued to students.Appeals lodged in 2011/12- 543
Upheld: 319
Rejected: 197
OIA COPs issued: 96
28 May 20134 July 201325 June 2013I'm contacting you on behalf of Cisco Systems, Inc. We're currently evaluating our partner universities and colleges in anticipation of investing further in our college recruiting programs.

I was hoping that you could help me obtain some demographic information for each course offered in your academic institution's various engineering and business courses, or I would to ask if you can direct or endorse me to your colleagues from the different departments so that we could also gather information from them and their respective departments.. Total Population of the department (Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctorate students)
2. Gender population (females - Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctorate degree students)
3. Ethnicity (Minority - Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctorate degree students)
4. International students (exchange students -Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctorate degree students)
5. Disabled students (disabled or handicapped -Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctorate degree students)
6. Veterans
7. Placements (Average Employment rate, hiring history by sector, largest employers, average salary, and job change/alumni retention)

All or any of the information enumerated would be of incremental help to accomplish this project.
Information sent to the requester
31 May 201328 June 201319 June 2013I would like the information on the
Extenuating Circumstances panel. That is, who was on it and the
Position they hold, and either the minutes of the meeting or the
Information on how the decision was reached.
Requester was sent information requested.