University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
30 October 201727 November 201717 November 2017Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please provide me with the following information regarding sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, stalking and/or other forms of gender violence, including domestice violence, or sexual misconduct committed or allgedly committed by University staff.


1. Do you provide training for staff on dealing with sexual harassment, both in regards to harassment committed by students and committed by staff?

2. If so is this training mandatory for all staff, i.e. Academic and other staff?

Code of Conduct;

3. Over the past six years how many staff have been penalised fo breaching theh University relationship policy and/or the staff code of conduct due to their relationships with students?

Support and Advice

4. Who at the University provides a first point of contact for students affected by sexual harassment and other forms of sexual miscondut? Please specify their job titles and whether they are students or staff.

5. How many people work in these roles?

6. What training or qualifications are these people obliged to have beyond the general training on sexual harassment and misconduct available to other/all University staff?

7. How many student services' advisors have undergone specific training to deal with sexual harassment and other forms of sexual miscondut?

Student Investigations:

8. Is it mandatory for staff who investigate a student complaints of sexual harassment or misconduct to have specific training on handling such investigations e.g. The impact of sexual harassment or gender violence on victims?

9. Are staff investigators allowed to investigate sexual harassment cases involving colleagues from their department/

10. If so, how often has this happened?

11. What procedures are in place to prevent such conflicts of interests in these investigations?

12. How many times have students raised concerns over the impartiality of the investigator?

13. How many times have students raised concerns over the impartiality of a member of the appeal panel during an investigation into sexual harassment by staff?

14. Do students have the right to demand an investigator is replaced?

15. How many times have investigators been replaced at the request of studnets?

16. Is it mandatory for staff who sit on complaints panels and in appeal hearings that deal with sexual misconduct to have undergone specific training on this issue?
Please see our response in relation to your request below.

1. We do have a Code of Conduct thatsets out the standards of behaviour expected of all employees at the University and a Bullying and Harassment Policy which provides a framework for dealing with all forms of harassment between staff members. We provide guidance and online tutorials for managers and staff. Any alleged harassment of students by staff would be investigated under the University's Disciplinary Procedure. Harassment committed by students would not be dealt wuth in HR but by Student Services.

2. Not Applicable

3. There has been one case since 2012-13 academic year which has resulted in a sanction under our Discplinary Procedure. We do no have records for 2011-2012 academic year.

4. The Student Guidance Team (Staff) is the first point of contact for students affected by sexual harassment. The Student Guidance Advisors are: Ann Clowes, Ben Granville, Dave Langley, Lesley Mountford, Diane Light and Ann Grainger. RAchel Thompson is the Student Guidance Officer and manages the Student Guidance Team. The University also has a Sexual Violence Support Team (Staff) available out of hours. The Team consists of Janine Holdway (Head of Student Services). Eileen Phillips (Head of Campus and Operational Services), Rachel Thompson (Student Guidance Officer), Margaret Mulholland (Membership Services Manager - Students Union). The Campus Life Control are also aware of the pathway in place and support available to studnets who make a disclosure and communicate well with other teams to ensure students are fully supported.

There is further work planned within the University to enable all staff to be aware of support services and who/where to refer students to. Rachel Thompson is currently working with Laura Walton-Williams (Member of the Acacdemic staff who specialises in Forensic Investigation) and working with students to continue to raise awareness and also listen to the student voice concerning thsi matter.

5. Please see response above.

6. Rachel Thompson has attended several training courses around Sexual Violence and Sexual Consent including attending conference held by Universitues UK and Staffordshire Police. Training has been carried our with teh Student Guidance Team (internal training and external training - Savanah & SARC.

Staffordshire University works closely with Keele University on the Never standby campaign to ensure both Universitues are using the same pathway of support for students.

Further training will be provided by Savanah which will be given to various teams across the University and a training schedule will be set up working with all academic members of staff so they are aware of who to contact to ensure accurate referrals are made.

7. The Student Guidance Team have received training however, will be receiving further training to ensure their skills and knowledge are kept up to date. The Wellbeing team have also received training from SARC about disclosures and will also be receiving further in-house training.

8. Not it is not mandatory

9. The regulations do not specifically reference the same department although the attached guidance makes it clear that the University will apply the principles of natural justice and that there should be no conflict of interest for the Investigating Officer.

10. Staffordshire University records suggest that an investigation of this kind has taken place only once. The Investigating Officer was not in teh same academic department although was a more senior memver of the overall Schoo.

11. The guidance provided by the University is intended to prevent any conflict of interest by the Investigating Officer.

12. None

13. None

14. This is not provided within the regulations, although, the University adheres to the principles of natural justice in the application of its regulations. Therefore an concerns regarding the independence or suitability of the Investigating Officer.

15. None

16. Not mandatory
26 October 201723 November 201716 November 2017Relating to the 2016/17 academic year:
Discipline regulations relating to misconduct - Drugs possession, academic misconduct
How are students made aware of the rules and regulations guiding misconduct and disciplinary actions.
What actions can be taken, disciplinary outcomes Total number of recorded incidnets of student misconduct, any reported to Police,
Factors taken into consideration when determining the outcome.
Type of support currently offered to students found to be in possession of a controlled drug.
Dear Sirs,

Further to your request for information please see our response below:

1. 20,224

2. Yes

3. These are incorporated into the student's contract with the institution
A disciplinary procedure is published on the institution's website

4. A student can be stopped an searched by a police officer
- A student can be stopped and searched on campus by a staff member of the institution and/or security staff
- A students' residence in accommodation owned and/or managed by the institution can be searched by a police officer
- A student's residence in accommodation owned and/or managed by the institution can be searched by staff member of the institution and/or security staff.

5. Taking no further action; howver, this would be highly unlikely
- A formal warning
-Notifying academic supervisor and/or academic Department/School
- Termination of the student's residency contract in accommodation owned and/or managed by the institution
- Suspension/temporary exclusion
- Referral to fitness to practice procedures (e.g for students studying Medicine or related degress)
- Permanent expulsion
- Reporting to student's misconduct to the police

6. Possessing drugs - 1
Academic misconduct - 21
Other misconduct - 6

7. The outcome of any ongoing investigations by the police
-Classification of the controlled drugs
- The quantity of the controlled drug
- First time misconduct
- A lack of co-occurring misconduct (e.g supply or intent to supply, violence, sexual)
- An admission of guilt for the misconduct
- An apology and/or expression or remorse for the misconduct
- The student's personal circumstances (e.g. Housing, mental health)

8. The outcome of any ongoing investiagtions by the Police
- Classification of the controlled drug
- The quantity of the controlled drug
-Repeat misconduct
-Other co-occurring misconduct
- Breach of a temporary exclusion/suspension
- An unwillingness to admit guilt for the misconduct
- An unwillingness to apologise and/or express remorse for the misconduct
- The student's personal circumstances

9. Signposting to in-house services(s)
- Signposting to local commissioned substance misuse
- Brief advice and/or information given on substance misuse
- Brief advice and/or information given on harm reduction methods for substance misuse
- Compulsory attendance at in-house services(s)
- Information given on disciplinary process and right to appeal a decision
- An accompanying person to attend any disciplinary proceeding meetings
- Support to find alternative accommodation, where the student's tenancy contract has been terminated.
11 October 20178 November 201717 January 2018Dear Information Commissioner,

I write to request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act. Please could you send me the information electronically, if possible.

1. How many new undergraduate students enrolled at the University in autumn 2017?
2. HOw many (if any) of the new undergraduate students who enrolled at the University in autumn 2017 received unconditional grade offers as applicants?
3. Does the University, in either written documentation or in berbal discussions, ever refer to its students as "customers"? If yes, please provide an example of the documentation or contect in which the term is used.
Dear Sirs,

We can confirm the following information:

1. 4,843 New Entramy Undergraduates enrolled in 2017/18 at this point
2. Of these 1,971 received an Unconditional offer
3. No


Staffordshire University