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News Top tourist attraction offers students events industry experience

Top tourist attraction The Trentham Estate is joining forces with Staffordshire University to offer exciting student volunteering opportunities.

The Trentham Estate hosts events throughout the year
Image: The Trentham Estate hosts events throughout the year

As a connected University, we pride ourselves on working with our local community and key local, regional and national partners, to offer support, enhance our provision and increase student employability in these challenging times.

Carol Southall, Staffordshire Business School Course Director

Boasting award-winning gardens and a track record in delivering popular events, Trentham is recruiting a group of events volunteers to give students valuable insight into the events industry. The new University partnership aims to provide graduates some hands-on experience, offering an opportunity to put their taught skills into practise.

Open exclusively to Staffordshire University Business School, students from a wide range of courses will receive university course credits in recognition for time spent volunteering at events.

Recruitment started this month ahead of Trentham’s planned Christmas programme, and students will receive a volunteer training programme and supporting materials. Designed as a mentoring and development opportunity, students will be involved in as many aspects of event planning and organisation as possible, including event briefings and de-briefs.

Carol Southall, Staffordshire Business School Course Director: “I am delighted to be working with the events team at The Trentham Estate to offer volunteer opportunities to our Staffordshire Business School students. Work experience is an invaluable element of our undergraduate courses, in disciplines ranging from Event Management and Visitor Attraction and Resort Management to Marketing, International Business Management and Finance.

“As a connected University, we pride ourselves on working with our local community and key local, regional and national partners, to offer support, enhance our provision and increase student employability in these challenging times.”

The Trentham Estate's Director, Alastair Budd, added: “We see this as a mentoring and development opportunity for students to enrich their university experience before they graduate, and as an attraction recognised for the range and quality of events over a number of years now, we think we can offer some really valuable insights.

“We’re investing in the future and preparing the graduates for tomorrow, as well as supporting our local community, which is something that St Modwen strongly believes in. While the events industry is going through a hard time at the moment, we are still planning and delivering safe events, so we’re sure that this programme will prove a really valuable learning opportunity for students.”

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