Dr Alison Owen


School of Health, Science and Wellbeing

After carrying out my undergraduate psychology degree here at Staffordshire University, I completed the MSc in Health Psychology at Staffordshire in 2010. I carried out my PhD alongside part time teaching at the university, as well as working on other research projects such as a body image dance intervention and a smoking intervention. I finished my PhD in June 2013, and took up a post as a lecturer in Health Psychology. I am passionate about research, and carry out research in a number of different areas, my main areas being health promotion and body image. I really enjoy working alongside students, helping them to develop a passion for research, as well as gaining an expertise and increasing their skills in all aspects of the research process.

I have appeared on different media outlets discussing my research, including the BBC television program, Inside Out, as well as various BBC radio shows, including BBC Radio Stoke, discussing body image with regards to the television program Love Island, and BBC Radio Ulster, discussing the impact that lockdown may be having on peoples’ body image.

Professional memberships and activities

Graduate Member: British Psychological Society (BPS)
BPS Division of Health Psychology

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Psychology, “An appearance-based intervention examining the effect of electronically aged photographs of the face on sun exposure attitudes and sun protection intentions”, Staffordshire University, 2013
  • MSc Health Psychology (Merit), Staffordshire University, 2010
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (2:1), Staffordshire University, 2008


My expertise is in health psychology and body image related research. I have expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Research interests

  • Body Image
  • Health promotion
  • Interventions to improve health, e.g. sunbeds, alcohol consumption
  • Appearance focussed interventions
  • Breastfeeding



Teaching and Supervision



Teaching and Supervision


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