Dr Kate Cuthbert

Pedagogic Proj Dev Man Ass Prof

Health, Education, Policing and Sciences

I began my career in health research, completing a PhD exploring health beliefs in 8 CIS-nations. As the Interprofessional Learning lead at the University of Derby I introduced service improvement experiences into 4 curricula. This led to secondment with the NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement contributing to national programmes for patient safety learning. At the Higher Education Academy, I developed a national portfolio of educational consultancy and internationally with educators in Bahrain.

Having led the professional recognition scheme at Nottingham Trent University, I have expertise in scholarship development. I have recently taken on a role on the repository’s board of directors.

As a member of SCoLPP, I am providing co-leadership to a QAA-funded project, exploring the value and implications of embedding Phenomenon-based learning into higher education.

I am also a member of the project team, funded by TASO to develop a typology, and an understanding of the current and potential landscape in achieving racial equality in UK Higher Education.

I am leading a project funded by AdvanceHE to curate institutional case studies to understand a range of techniques, approaches and lessons learned from current work about student outcomes interventions that are driven by or largely feature ‘third space’ colleagues supporting activities outside the classroom.

Professional memberships and activities

    Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, “Health Beliefs and Health Behaviours in 8 CIS-nations”, The University of Derby
  • MSc Health Psychology, Staffordshire University
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching, University of Derby
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Derby

Enterprise and commercial interests

Throughout my career I have engaged in commercial ventures and consultancy.

At the University of Derby:

  • Research Consultant for Community Regeneration Project in Wirksworth;
  • Research Consultant for the production of a Learning and Educational Strategy for Erewash Primary Care Trust & Central Derby Primary Care Trust (2002 –2003);
  • Research Consultant for “Culture and Wellbeing: Culture East Midlands project”
  • Interprofessional Education Consultant- Wilen Project (www.wilen.ac.uk);
  • Academic lead on a HIEC project with a local mental health trust. Over the course of 4 days I worked with front-line staff and managers to build up skills that could reduce the length of stay in mental health services

At the NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement:

  • E-learning author- Medical Leadership Competencies (2010) -Learning for Healthcare, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, and the NHS Institute;
  • Human Factors Teaching- NHSIII (2010-2013);
  • Royal Academy of Medicine and the various Medical Colleges; at the NHS Institute I project managed the development of an interactive curriculum tool for specialist medical training. Sponsored by Academy of Royal Medical Colleges and in partnership with Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh and NHSIII

At De Montfort University - Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Board Development Programme (2012)

At the Higher Education Academy/AdvanceHE

  • Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust- 2 substantial pieces of work curriculum review and redesign of the Trust’s educational provision;
  • East Midlands LETB (2 projects; Quality Improvement Skills in the Curriculum and Academic Guidance to an educational portfolio evaluation) Learning and teaching task- academic guidance and pedagogic knowledge contributed to steering group of research project- developing an audit of educational provision as part of the learning beyond registration contracts in the East Midlands; educational leadership and strategic guidance leading to co-authoring a regional briefing paper to all East Midlands Universities initiating curricula enhancement with quality improvement as a foci.
  • Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management- co-facilitator at regional event developing a strategic approach to embedding quality improvement activities and experiences for health professional;
  • Human factors training for clinical staff at Kingsmill Hospital;
  • East Midlands LETB- Creating a Regional Learning Hub for Human Factors and Patient Safety Science;
  • Hull York Medical School to coach their senior curriculum development team (academics, service department staff and executive) to apply service improvement tools such as driver diagrams and process mapping to their curriculum planning in advance of revalidation of their 5 year programme;

University of East London - Teaching Excellence Programme with Coaching element;

University of Gloucestershire - Supporting the Developing of Subject-based Communities;

University of South Wales - Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching Review;

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - Technology-enhanced learning;


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Open Educational Resources

The PFHEA Deck https://figshare.edgehill.ac.uk/articles/report/PFHEA_Deck_from_Nottingham_Trent_University_pdf/14892726

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 Developing phenomenal learning: part of a future-proofed SDG HE curriculum

Developing phenomenal learning: part of a future-proofed SDG HE curriculum


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